Q&A With Kenneth Omoruyi, Republican Candidate for Congress in the 7th Congressional District

Meet Kenneth Omoruyi, a husband, a father, a certified public accountant (CPA) and a college educator. Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazines proudly endorsed Omoruyi in his race for the Texas 7th Congressional District seat.

Recent allegations have thrust Omoruyi into the spotlight as fellow Republicans question Omoruyi’s political leanings. Rumors circulate that the candidate may be a closet Democrat.

To clear up this speculation, Katy and Fort Bend Christian Magazines have sat down to interview Omoruyi. Below is our Q&A.

Q: What relevant experience do you bring to the race for Texas CD-7?

A: “I’m an award-winning CPA and have founded three successful businesses. I’m also a Ph.D. Candidate (OSU, M. Tax – USC) with a Public Leadership Credential (Harvard Kennedy School),” Omoruyi said.

Q: Why did you choose to run in this election?

A: “I am passionate about serving the country, which has given me many opportunities and fueled my desire for servant leadership. Through legislation, I strive to amplify positive changes and contribute to the well-being of my cherished community.”

Q: What are your two top priorities in office, if elected? 

A: “The economy and border security,” Omoruyi declared.

“We must fix the economic crisis through practical fiscal responsibility, accountability, and heightened transparency. By advocating for clear financial disclosure and open government practices, I aim to build trust, empower informed decision-making, and foster accountability, laying the foundation for a robust and transparent economic recovery.”

“Additionally, America’s immigration system and borders are out of control. We must strengthen our border and streamline our pathways to legal immigration. Congress can take action to enhance the U.S. immigration system through comprehensive, practical immigration reforms, pre-entry and post-entry.”

Q: Do you live in the district? In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing District 7 residents? 

A: “Yes, I do live in the district, and my firm is also in the Sugar Land Area,” the candidate stated.

“As Texas’ most culturally and economically diverse district, the most pertinent issues include equitable economic growth, accessible education, and healthcare. I am committed to addressing these challenges, ensuring policies reflect the unique needs of our diverse community, and fostering an inclusive and thriving district.”

Q: Tell us about your Harvard qualification. 

A: “The Public Leadership Credential (PLC) consists of six six-week courses in three focus areas: Evidence for Decisions, Policy Design and Delivery, and Leadership and Ethics,” Omoruyi explained.

“You start with an ‘A’ course in the focus area of your choosing. After completing your ‘A’ course, you can either deepen your learning with the ‘B’ course in the same focus area or register for an ‘A’ course in another focus area. Once you have completed all six courses, and a final capstone assessment, you will earn the PLC.”

“Completing the PLC also provides a potential pathway to a Master’s Degree from Harvard.”

Q: How do you manage to handle being a Ph.D. Student at Oklahoma State University? 

A: “The program is offered in a hybrid format with recorded lectures, virtual class meetings and 3-day monthly residencies (9 per year) on the Stillwater campus. I do not maintain residency in Oklahoma, and I am not required to do so,” he elaborated.

Q: How can Congress help Texans face inflation? Can they pass any policies?

A: “Congress can address inflation by implementing responsible fiscal policies, promoting economic stability, and monitoring monetary policies. Additionally, targeted measures such as tax incentives for businesses and individuals, along with strategic budget allocations, can help Texans navigate the challenges posed by inflation and contribute to economic resilience.”

Q: In light of recent rumors, have you ever voted for the Democratic Party in the primary elections?

A: “Since becoming eligible to vote, I have never voted for Democrats in the primary,” Omoruyi said.

Q: If that is the case, why does your name come up in the GOP Data Center as a Democrat?

A: “As it relates to Texans, the GOP Data Center metric for determining an individual party alignment is calculated based on various metrics. It is not necessarily what the individual declares as in the States of Maryland or New York,” he explained.

“According to the GOP data center, ‘A Calculated Party ID is based on a formula that considers many data points to establish the most likely designation for a voter. Every voter in the GOP Data Center has a calculated party. The calculated party is only updated when the database is updated, and any user cannot update it.’”

“In Texas, there is no formal party registration, such as in NY or MD. Therefore, the basis by which a voter is determined to be red, or blue, is mainly hinged on the primary voting record. In the absence of such primary voting record information on such data platforms, a predictive model is what most data platforms would use.”

“These are merely projections based on several factors that the data scientists determined to be the most predictive of such information. Since the platform’s interpretation is based upon several modeling information, it should not be considered a matter of fact but merely a projection. Meaning it is not an exact science by any means!”

Q: Have you ever made donations to Democrats? 

A: “Perhaps you can call a ticket price (gate fee) to attend an event where a candidate in a nonpartisan race benefit ‘a donation to a Democrat.’ If that is how you classify that, then possibly. Otherwise, I have not.”

Q: Have you ever made donations to Republicans? 

A: “As far back as three years ago, I have donated to a Republican candidate running for TX Congressional District 8, and I have made other donations to Republican platforms like the NRSC.”

Q: What endorsements have you received?

A: “I am blessed with endorsements from influential conservative figures and organizations like Jim ‘Mattress Mack’ McIngvale, Riley Gaines (swimmer), Ray Hunt (Executive Director, Houston Police Officers Union), Coach Joe Kennedy (Religious Freedom Defender), Christian Collins (Texas Youth Summit), Texas Right to Life, Shilo Harris (War Hero), Sam Malone (Conservative Radio Icon), Katy Christian Magazine & Fort Bend Christian Magazine, Yeonmi Park (North Korean Defector), Joe Gamaldi (National Vice President of the Fraternal Order of Police), Douglas Griffith (President, Houston Police Officers Union) and numerous others,” Omoruyi listed.

Q: Tell us about your faith.

A: “I am a Christian who accepts Jesus and my Lord and Savior. I believe in the authority of the Bible as the inspired word of God. I view the Bible as the moral and ethical guide for my life, and its teachings shape my understanding of right and wrong. I believe in living a life that aligns with biblical principles, including honesty, humility, and charity.”

Q: How are you uniquely qualified to hold this public office? 

A: “As a Certified Public Accountant, I have established myself as a seasoned professional in the financial realm and have also demonstrated entrepreneurial prowess by founding three flourishing small businesses. My educational journey includes obtaining a Master of Business Taxation degree from the University of Southern California and a Public Leadership Credential from Harvard, reflecting my commitment to academic excellence and leadership development.”

“Being a first-generation American who went through the legal immigration process, I bring diverse perspectives and a strong work ethic. My expertise lies in tax matters, financial management, and leadership, honed through business ventures and academic pursuits.”

“As a result, I stand ready to contribute my multifaceted skills to Congress, bringing a distinctive blend of practical wisdom and academic acumen.”

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