Did Judge Peeples Intentionally Confirm Harris County Election 2022 Fraud in His Summary Judgement Brief so that it Could be Overturned by a Higher Court?

Did Judge Peeples Intentionally Confirm Harris County Election 2022 Fraud in His Summary Judgement Brief so that it Could be Overturned by a Higher Court?

Did Judge Peeples intentionally confirm Harris County election 2022 FRAUD in his summary judgement brief so that it could be overturned by a higher court?

Judge David Peeples statements and math CLEARLY contradict his finding in the case.

Background from “The Center Square” online News Publication:

“All but 21 lawsuits filed by Harris County Republican judicial candidates contesting the 2022 election have come to an end after a judge presiding over the case dismissed them.

“Retired Judge David Peeples of San Antonio issued three separate rulings in 16 cases. He dismissed a lawsuit filed by Republican Erin Lunceford against Democrat Tamika Craft in the race for the 189th District Court. In the other cases, he granted summary judgment to quash them. One judicial election contest remains pending before the court of appeals on a motion seeking to dismiss it.”

Full article here

In his court decision, Judge Peeples states election fraud most definitely occurred, but not enough to order new elections. Then Peeples goes on to enumerate credible testimony of:

2900 voters leaving polling locations without voting
966 illegal ballots were counted by Harris County officials
276 more were counted from voters that were not residents of Harris County
532 voters had no valid state issued ID and should not have been counted.

According to our math, 4,674 illegal ballots that Judge Peeples identified were counted and certified by Lina Hidalgo, Rodney Ellis and Adrian Garcia, Harris County Commissioners and sent to the Texas Secretary of State (SOS).

The SOS Audit report by Secretary Nelson finds even more election fraud and Judge Peeples did not even consider it in his ruling.

What is more puzzling is that Erin Lunceford’s election differential was well below that total, only 2700 or so votes apart.

So… Like you, we are aghast at Judge Peeples contradictory ruling:

“The court has found many mistakes and violations of the Election Code by the Harris County Elections Administration Office and other election officials. But the court holds that not enough votes were put in doubt to justify voiding the election for the 189th District Court and ordering a new one.”

-Judge David Peeples

We can only conclude that Judge Peeples intentionally left that judgement open to challenge in appeals court.

The real victims here are Harris County Voters.

The two people with the authority to correctly prosecute these crimes are Gov Greg Abbott and Harris County DA Kim Ogg. Neither will call in the Texas Attorney General’s Office as they should and are the roadblock to justice in this case.

Harris County voters are so demoralized only 8.1% actually got to the polls for the fall 2023 election. Could this by why?

How in the world can a judge looking at this much evidence PLUS a Texas Secretary of State Audit Report enumerating election fraud counts and destruction of evidence and throw out ALL 14 Election Fraud cases?

You may recall the scandalous election of November 2023…you know, the one where Clifford Tatum, the hired gun elections administrator orchestrated the biggest election fraud in Texas history then refused to turn over the election ballots and destroyed evidence…

We do.

Even the Texas Secretary of State found:

-Ballot Shaving reported all over the county

-Targeting Republican High Turnout polls to starve for ballot paper over and over…64 Precincts

-Mass Voting Machine Failures…specifically in republican voting hot spots (see red zones on now famous map)

-Cast ballots SEALED with zip ties being opened by election judges in Spring Branch

-The count stopped, started, stopped, started…no explanation and suddenly democrats were ahead in almost every local race, but voters switched to vote for republicans in all state races. This in itself is so uncharacteristic it defies logics…especially with 96+ items on a ballot.

Clifford Tatum, a Washington DC election fraudster was specifically hired by Lina Hidalgo, Rodney Ellis and Adrian Garcia to do exactly what he did. Lina and company hired him, moved him to Houston, he train wrecked multiple elections so badly the Texas Rangers were called in to investigate at the outcry of Republicans and Democrats.

Ultimately, Houston area Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt’s bill SB4 effectively FIRED Clifford Tatum in September.

But Adrian Garcia thinks so much of Clifford Tatum he hired him right away as his precinct vehicle fleet manager at a ridiculous salary. Looks like a payoff to me, too.

So… What about these 14 lawsuits? You remember, 14 candidates that lost by reasonably close margins filed a similarly styled lawsuit against Harris County alleging ALL the things the Texas Secretary of State Audit determined indeed occurred. Harris County Republican Party coordinated and helped them file these lawsuits.

Well, an outside impartial judge from San Antonio took his sweet time and finally allowed the first hearing of the first case in August 2023. This was Erin Lunceford running for the 189th State District Criminal Court Judge that lost by 2,743 votes to incumbent Tamika Craft.

Judge David Peeples tried the first case of election fraud, found in favor of Harris County, and threw out all 14 cases.

Judge David Peeples of San Antonio was the “visiting” judge on this case.

We read his ruling.

Then we read it again.

Then we read it again and again.

Then we called several attorneys that are visiting judges and asked what they thought.

Here, you read Judge David Peeples Summary Judgement finding for yourself.

We were not the only ones confused. The Summary Judgement starts and reads as if Judge Peeples was finding in favor of plaintiff Erin Lunceford and was going to order a new election:

This is the bottom of page 4…there are 4 pages in this very brief summary judgement. This doc is linked and will take you to the PDF online. 

In fact, only page 4 waivers from the tone of the first 3 pages. See if you agree.

It is as if Judge Peeples wrote his Summary Judgement, then, was instructed to find in favor of Harris County and just added it onto Page 4 IV. Decision.

This is like a magical drunken conclusion in the face of the Texas Secretary of State findings of enormous election fraud committed by Harris County Commissioners in even certifying such an election, then refusing to produce sufficient proof of ballots.

Judge Peeples knows this SOS finding report exists.

We thought that Judge Peeples was delaying his decision (he was a month late) to consider this SOS Audit evidence. Wouldn’t you think that would be the prudent and responsible thing for Judge Peeples to do?

Read Texas Secretary of State Nelson’s findings of obvious election law violation here:

Read Secretary Nelson’s preliminary report identifying no less than 12,000 ballots in question and potentially 40,000 fraudulent ballots, illegal voters and unsubstantiated records. 

Harris County Commissioners hired gun electioneer; Clifford Tatum never took the stand.

Never once has Tatum explained where the actual ballots are, where and what happened to them.

Do you understand that ELECTIONS BELONG TO THE PEOPLE and these SOB’s have brazenly stolen it from YOU the People and are KEEPING YOU THE HELL OUT OF IT.

Lina Hidalgo, Rodney Ellis and Adrian Garcia are n0t alone in their manifold crimes against Harris County Voters.

Are they…

So, here is the bigger question:

WHY did Gov Greg Abbott get on TV and promise “his office would launch a Texas Rangers investigation into the obvious election fraud in Harris County?”

Then, cut a back room deal with million-dollar George Soros Funded Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg to let OGG RUN the investigation?

The proper place for an election investigation is “OUTSIDE” the county for which the alleged fraud has occurred. In fact, Gov Greg Abbott has special powers as Texas Governor, and no one is more aware of these special executive privileges than Greg Abbott. You see, Greg Abbott was not only once the Texas State Attorney General, but Greg Abbott was also at one time a Texas Supreme Court Justice.

Greg Abbott led us all to believe in front of the Television NEWS cameras that “his office was going to launch an investigation into this Harris County election fraud” then just handed over his rangers to give the appearance of an outside investigation.

Prepare yourself to be amazed and puzzled:

Did you know that the Texas Governor is who the Department of Public Safety reports directly to in the State of Texas?

Texas Rangers work directly for the Governor of Texas.

It has been this way since Texas was a Republic, then a state in the Union, then a State in the Confederacy, then a State in the Union. The Texas Rangers do the bidding of the Governor.

The Texas Legislature endowed the Governor with special powers. One in particular, once you understand it, should and likely will make you spitting mad.

It made me mad. Mad enough to tell you regardless of the cost.

Here it is:

The Governor of Texas has the special power and expressed executive authority to activate a Special Unit of the Texas Rangers to investigate the abuse of the powers of office of an elected or appointed official. This special unit of Rangers will function under the Prosecutorial Authority of the Texas State Attorney General’s Office who will evaluate evidence, bring criminal and civil charges, and prosecute for crimes uncovered in such an investigation.

Don’t you ever forget this.

Abbott’s biggest fear on planet earth is that Ken Paxton would have prosecutorial authority over anyone with evidence of crime found in such an investigation.

THAT is the reason Abbott side-stepped Paxton and handed his Texas Rangers to million-dollar George Soros funded Democrat Harris County DA Kim Ogg.

You see, Ogg is someone you can make a deal with…

Are you getting the picture…yet?

And, by picture, I mean will you let yourself comprehend that?


So… why did he make deal with Kim Ogg…?

Kim Ogg, Harris County DA hasn’t arrested anyone.

Ogg hasn’t charged anyone.

What they want for us to believe is that:
The Rangers “investigation” just couldn’t turn up anything worth charging, I guess.

Even though the Texas Sec of State Audit found plenty of election fraud…Ogg just can’t see it through her thick George Soros glasses.

You see, the Texas Court of Appeals ruled that the Texas Attorney General’s Office was forbidden to investigate County Election Fraud without being invited by the District Attorney of that county.

The Texas Supreme Court justices’ opinions and statements on their ruling defy logic with Judge Scott Walker’s official opinion on the matter:

“Granting the attorney general the power to unilaterally prosecute voter fraud violates the separation of powers outlined in the Texas Constitution and “usurps” the power of district and county attorneys.”

The problem with that is that the very purpose of the Texas State Attorney General is to advocate on behalf of the people of the State of Texas for the power of the State.

The Texas Legislature was the bear that was ultimately poked by Texas Supreme Court Justices official opinions mocking the legislature as if the Justices decide what powers the Legislative bodies have and don’t have.

Ogg is most certainly a Democrat.

Donations records show that Ogg confirmed her $1 Million dollar donation from George Soros.

Every single impeachment investigator of Ken Paxton worked for Kim Ogg.

The State Rep Ann Johnson on the Texas House General Investigations Committee that LEAD those 5 “investigators” worked for Kim Ogg in the DA’s office.

Are you getting the picture yet?

The heat map of association is so blazing red hot to the Harris County DA’s office you could cook dinner on it.

Not only that, but the fake securities fraud charges that were brought against Paxton somehow “had to be relocated” to Harris County? Yes, that happened…they were thrown out for lack of evidence.

Ogg will NEVER arrest and convict a fellow brother Democrat of any rank and standing.

The few that might get charged will just plea bargain out and go on to the next town to be “their dirty deed doer”.

So… what do we do about all this:

-Horrible voter turnout
-Election Fraud running Rampant
-No prosecution, no justice
-Legislative/Judicial quagmire

Organize. Get to work. Mobilize. And take back our city and county.

That’s what we do.

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