Meet Gina Musachia, Honest Local Katy Realtor with a Soft Heart Toward Sex-Trafficking Victims

Recently, our team had the pleasure of sitting down for Thai food with a charming and impassioned woman who has her hands in many sectors of the community. This woman was a local Katy, TX resident Gina Musachia.

To some, Musachia is a realtor; to others, a mother, a wife, an energy broker, a Krav Maga student, a friendly face you see at church, or a local hero. We regard her as a friend, and we chose to spotlight Musachia for her upstanding Godly character and love for her community.

Musachia has lived in Katy since her oldest son was born, some twenty-four years ago. All of her children attended Katy ISD schools, and one of her son’s received acknowledgement for his special gift in basketball. This young man went on to lead a successful basketball career at Steven F. Austin.

She defines herself as a family-oriented mom and a huge advocate of school choice and homeschooling. She homeschooled one of her sons toward the end of his high-school career, and if public education had deteriorated back then to the extent it has now, she would have homeschooled each of them.

Musachia and her family attend the Second Baptist West Campus in Katy, where they’ve attended for over twenty-four years. As a woman serious about her faith and her kids, she adores how child-oriented the campus is.

As a hard-working mother, Musachia hustles to make ends meet for her family. Her foundational career is working as an energy broker in the oil and gas market. She’s worked tirelessly in this industry for nearly three decades, and still maintains this full-time position.

“The oil and gas industry are heavily regulated and saturated, more so than it was ten to fifteen years ago. But it’s still lucrative today,” Musachia noted.

Yet Musachia embodies the Type-A personality to a tee, striving for more than a single job, with her eyes open for opportunity where it presents. Thus began her venture into real estate, her second and newly blooming full-time profession.

“I ended up buying and selling my own home, by accident, and thought, ‘I really liked this,’” she explained, describing her real estate origin story.

A knack for real estate is in Musachia’s blood; her father and her grandparents were in commercial real estate. As a naturally extroverted and compassionate person, her love for the field grew organically.

“In the beginning, my motivation was simply to help family and friends. Then, I began getting referrals, and my services began to take off on their own. Now, I’m in my fourth year with my license. But I didn’t give up my energy broker job,” she said.

“I still do that. Real estate is like a feast or famine for me. I need income to do what I really love to do, which is real estate. But as a broker, I was already accustomed to matching buyers to sellers.

If oil and gas is a “saturated” field, real estate is oversaturated. Realtors emerge left and right, so it’s crucial that someone pursuing this line of work possesses that “why?” factor.

Why choose one realtor over thousands of other options? Musachia’s very nature provides the answer to that question. She treats every single customer as if they’re her only client. She provides all kinds of market data activity and ensures that she’s consistently available for any need.

This may be unheard of, but Musachia quite literally goes out and paints the houses with her clients.

“Sometimes it takes a little bit of money, and I don’t like to advise anybody to spend a ton of money to prepare their house to put on the market. So, it’s just the little things, here and there, that they can do to add value,” she shrugged.

Musachia defines above and beyond customer service, fostering beautiful friendships with many of her clients. Once, Musachia was working with a lady sometime back, and right as the woman listed her house, her husband (expectedly) passed away.

“He was in a home, and very ill, and right before we were about to list her house, he passed away. I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I went to help her clean out her place; I didn’t know her well. I helped her box everything in her house; little things like that, I feel like it’s important, especially when they don’t have any family here. It’s not like she didn’t have the money to do that, but I just felt like I wanted to be there for her emotionally,” she explained.

She told us another heartfelt story about a couple who had just watched their house being built, and with it, this couple held dreams, aspirations and hopes for the next era of their lives. They were crushed to be told at the last second that their paperwork had fallen through, because they were missing a single item of paperwork.

“Now, they had to pay a new pricing on the home, which was like $50,000 or so more. I was like, absolutely not, and began directing them to a ton of resources. I mean, it was devastating!” Musachia voiced. Her tone kicked up a notch, laced with her personal interest in client wellbeing.

“It ended up being a happy ending, because we found a house. You go through stuff together, so you have to stay connected! I’m not going to just say, thanks, bye!”

Musachia still texts her past clients “How are you?” messages and is delighted by positive responses. She pursued this profession to help people, and she loves it when she does.

She works for both buyers and sellers, and she also dabbles in commercial real estate, deriving enjoyment from the “numbers crunching” aspect of the field. Her office is located in the River Oaks area, and she serves all of Katy.

Yet perhaps Musachia’s biggest passion is participating in the fight against human trafficking.

“When I first heard about it, I thought it was something happening ‘over there.’ Not here. I wanted to save all of the children in the world. This really tugged on my heart, and I needed to figure out what I could do,” she said.

“I don’t have a whole lot of resources, so I can’t give a ton of money. But I found Operation Underground Railroad, and immediately, I wanted to be on the jump team. They actually go in and rescue, so I signed up to join. But they have trained military members doing this, so I wasn’t qualified for that,” Musachia recalled.

“I’m more of a doer; I know money helps, but I felt like it was too hands off. I wanted to do something,” she emphasized.

After countless hours of scouring the internet, Musachia stumbled upon Elijah Rising, a local anti-sex trafficking group.

“I went to one of the meetings, and at my very first meeting, they prayed for the Johns. That really got me because you just want to be so angry! They had a group that stayed, they had a group that worked the phones, and they had a group that went to the Houston ship channel, which received trafficked girls,” she explained.

“I joined a group, and I realized how naive I was to this whole thing. Trafficking happens here, it’s not something that happens ‘over there.’ It is right here, and it is right in your face sometimes! Wow, that was very eye opening.”

Operation Underground Railroad, on the other hand, didn’t have a volunteer team in the area at that time.

“I went on their website, and I organized a run by myself, and raised money for it. $2,500, which was awesome. And it inspired other people, who wanted to know if they could do this with their church, and so on. Just getting the word out there and educating people. And then they started volunteer groups, so I got involved with that!”

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