Q&A With Polish-Canadian Pastor Art Pawlowski, Just Days Before His 10-Year Prison Sentencing

Revolutionary Polish-Canadian pastor of a worship and feeding center for the homeless, Pastor Art Pawlowski, has been subject to over a decade of torment by the corrupt Canadian government. His so-called “crimes” range from giving peaceful sermons in public, to baptizing his daughter, to feeding the poor.

Pastor Pawlowski has been brutally beaten in prison, illegally kidnapped by the government and placed under house-arrest for the past year-and-a-half. Now, on September 18th, he will be sentenced to another stint in prison.

Katy Christian Magazine had the privilege of interviewing this great man of God before he steps into prison. The following is an exclusive interview.

Q: What is Street Church and its mission?

A: “Street Church is an organization that gathers all kinds of believers from different churches on a mission to create a church for the poorest of poor, those who no one else wants. Originally, when we started Street Church, its purpose was to give these people a church of their own; a church of the streets, where they can come and worship, be prayed for, without feeling unwanted in another church because of the way they look, smell, sometimes they’re on drugs or alcohol.”

“Very quickly, we realized that those people are starving. They’re not being properly fed. And of course, that was a shock to me, because I thought that shelters took care of the poor. But I was very naive and wrong; I didn’t know the level of corruption we’re dealing with here. I’m talking about $230 million designated to fight homelessness, just in the province of Alberta. It’s a corrupt business, and the politicians and the people running the organizations are making lots of money out of this enterprise.”

“In Canada, it works this way. The more heads [in shelters], the more money. The more homeless [people] under your care, the more money the government gives you. And, of course, you’re also milking the public.”

“Every time a shelter has a homeless person under their care, the government allocates money per person. So you have a cattle business. The more cattle under your care, the more money the government gives. Again, we’re talking about $230 million a year, just in the province of Alberta. If you give me that kind of money, I would build them a house for every single homeless person.”

“In Alberta, we have about five thousand permanent homeless people, and it varies, because the government, right now, is really on the mode of attacking them, so they would round them together, put them in buses and ship them hundreds of kilometers away to other cities. So it depends on the season, but we’re dealing with about 5,000 to 50,000 different individuals facing homelessness at any given year. I know statistics are the government’s statistics; I’ve been working with the homeless for 24 years, and I’m telling you, even the statistics aren’t accurate. Because in our ministry, we have people who do not go to shelters because of abuse of power.”

“Women are being raped over there, their belongings are being confiscated in different shelters, there is a big abuse of power within those facilities. So they live under the bridges, in the bushes; those are the people that we are dealing with. Also, we minister to the people who are on the ‘most wanted,’ who are being hunted down by the police, and they are afraid to go to shelters because of facial recognition softwares. So they go to us. If we were not there, the crime in this city would double or triple, just like we saw when they shut down the shelters partially in 2020 and 2021.”

“You have to understand that we’re dealing with human beings who need to eat. You may not like what they do, of course, I don’t like what they do, the crimes, drugs and prostitution. However, if we don’t feed them, they’re going to turn to crime. They’re going to break into garages, houses, they’ll whack your grandma’s head and take her groceries. So, working with these people for 24 years, I’ve realized that no matter what, those people need to be fed, and hopefully, by doing those feeding sessions during those church services, we can influence them in some way and change their lives.”

“The success stories are actually incredible. We have a lot of people coming back to us, and our ministry changed their entire lives.”

“I was shocked when all of that information was coming my way, and I started to combat that. I started to expose that. And the reaction – I didn’t have to wait long for the government’s reaction – they vilified me, arrests started to happen. Street Church really is a church for the poor, where we also feed them, because when they were coming to our services, all of them were saying the same thing. ‘We’re hungry. You’re telling us about God, you’re telling us about Jesus, but we’re starving here.’ So we started to feed them; first, it was sandwiches and pizzas, and then there were 100 pizzas, 150 pizzas, and very quickly, we were running out of money, because those pizzas were crazy expensive.”

“We started doing barbecues, soup kitchens, and that’s what we have right now. Originally, [our church] was to give them hope for a better tomorrow, testimonies to show them that there is a way out of addictions and homelessness and poverty, and then it turned into a full-blown church service with a soup kitchen.”

Q: How does Canada treat Christianity?

A: “It’s hostile. I have been warning Canadians since the beginning. You have to remember, in 2005, I already had an established ministry. We had seven locations. We were saving lives, free of taxpayers’ money. We weren’t charging everything. Everything was run by volunteers, food was donated by good people, and then the crackdown of the government on all levels was absolutely unbelievable!”

“In Canada right now, it’s illegal to feed the poor. You’re not allowed to feed the poor, you’re not allowed to congregate, you’re not allowed to have a distribution of printed materials, like Bibles. Also, I was targeted for over tens of thousands of dollars more than I could afford over “legal offenses” for signage, it said ‘Jesus Loves You.’ They said the name of ‘Jesus’ was offensive, and now it’s illegal. I was told by the city of Calgary that they would no longer issue permits for Christian activities, so that’s why we ended up in court.”
“I fought with them for ten years, from 2005 to 2015. I received over 300 citations, 11 arrests, and over a hundred court cases.”

“I was arrested, vilified in the media, attacked without mercy by politicians, mayors, premers, I was an ‘extremely evil person’ for daring to take care of the poor. You’ve got to remember, I had all of the permits, I had all of the food handling. Ten years; I became the first Canadian, in 2006, to be arrested in modern history for reading the Bible. This was international news. I faced a year of imprisonment, have criminal charges for reading the Bible in public in the city of Calgary. I was arrested by seven cops, taken to prison, and am facing this craziness.”

“I sued, I fought, and $120 thousand later, I was vindicated. But that became a pattern in my life; arrests, tickets, lawyers, I lost millions of dollars. I used to be a very successful businessman. I owned properties, but they bankrupted me to a point where they almost foreclosed my home, where I live. So that was almost ten years, and eventually, I won in 2015. But, of course, the prime minister, Stephen Harper, is the one who has become very hostile toward Christianity.”

“Don’t kid yourself, there’s no difference right now between the conservatives and liberals here. Sometimes, they will talk differently, sometimes they will play the game of political theatre, but they are heading toward the same goal: an elimination of Christianity in this country. And you can see it everywhere. I mean, literally everywhere. In the court system, where the Bible was not only vilified by the judges and the crown, but laughed at. Yet before the proceedings, the Bible would be presented… and yet, it was vilified and laughed at. Police officers would testify, openly lying to the judges, manufacturing documents.”

“So, the law system is completely broken, the justice system is corrupted to the core. The whole thing. If you’re not a rich person in Canada, or if you don’t have the support of the public, or crowdfunding, there is no way you can get justice in this country. ‘Justice’ is only for the extremely rich. Lawyers are $500 per hour, there is absolutely no way you could fight the attack of the government. I was charged with all kinds of offenses, but most of them were violent fractions; some of them had prison terms attached to them.”

“Imagine a normal person who goes to work, without the support of the church or the public, to hire a lawyer to defend his rights to freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of all kinds of forms of communication. These were supposed to be guaranteed. I find it so ironic because the portion of the Constitution which starts with the Preamble acknowledges the supremacy of God over the rule of law. I’m telling you, that’s false, that’s a lie from the pits of Hell. They hate God, the justice system hates God, they hate the Ten Commandments, and they are fighting the Ten Commandments around the corner. Also, there is no rule of law.”

“I had a TV show, I was on the radio, I was of course ‘canceled’ everywhere. I was kicked off of the radio, kicked off of TV, I was not allowed to express the other side of the story. When I won my final court of appeal, I was a bankrupt man on a second mortgage, but I won. I won, and they let me be for a while.”

“I was telling people about what was happening with the homeless population, how police were abusing them. I had testimonies of Canada and police brutality and abuse of power in the shelters. They would confiscate their belongings, and women were forced to have sex with the staff. They would say, ‘In minus 30, if you don’t have sex with me, you will be barred from this facility for a month.’ Of course, that’s a death penalty for those women. I was talking about this, and the government didn’t like it.”

“I was taken to court, believe it or not, by the mayor of the city of Calgary, Prabhjot Gondek, because it’s as corrupt as it can be, and the two Nixon brothers, Jeremy and Jacob, and they took me to court for exposing their criminal enterprise. I have testimonies of people that worked there and became my volunteers, saying the [government] was forcing [homeless] people to, in exchange for a bed, become guinea pigs for the government. They were forced to take drugs in order to stay within the facility. Experimental drugs, and stuff like this.”

“I was talking about this, and the hammer kept swinging. The mayor took me to court, and I won, because everything that I do is based on facts, testimonies and the truth. Finally, in 2015, my ordeal ended, my permits were restored, and they let me be for a while. Of course, until 2020 showed up, and politicians and the mainstream propaganda finally decided, ‘Hey now, here is our opportunity to finish this guy off, because he embarrassed us so many times.’ And I became the first Canadian to get a COVID ticket.”

“They had these crazy tickets that they started to give to tens of thousands of Canadians. So I was the first recipient of that offense, and the government, twelve officers, health inspectors and so on came to my soup kitchen and they demanded that I stop feeding the poor because ‘We’re in the middle of this pandemic.’ And I appealed it to the mayor and to the premiere, I appealed it to every minister within Calgary, and guess what? I said to them, ‘You people don’t make any sense. If we’re truly in the middle of this crisis that you say, then my services are needed now more than ever. You’re shutting down shelters, and if those people, those fifty thousand or so individuals, start roaming the streets of our city, what do you think is going to happen? They need to eat. If you’re not going to provide them with food, they will turn to crime.’ And no one cared.”

“At that moment, I knew that this whole thing was a sham. It’s a joke, it’s not what this whole thing is all about, it’s about control, and it’s about murder. They just want to murder those people. Hundreds, if not thousands, of homeless people were literally murdered in the city of Calgary. They were forced to get shots, and many of them dropped dead because their immune systems were very compromised.”

Q: Is anybody on your side within the political sector?

A: “Well, privately, yes. I’ve had a number of meetings and conversations with the hierarchy of police officers, with a couple of politicians, but no one has had the courage to stand against the establishment. And that’s the problem. We are dealing with very weak politicians, or corrupted politicians. I’m talking about the elected ones, because I have huge support from the politicians within political parties, but they have not been elected yet. They’re building their platforms, and that’s the exact reason why they’re building their platforms, to replace the traitors to the Canadians and our criminal codes and our constitution.”

“So, I have friends, councilors, on smaller levels of government, but really no one in power, no member of parliament from all of the parties is willing to stand up for Canadians. Zero. No one, not even one. Pierre Poilievre [a Canadian politician who has served as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada] actually attacked me by coercion.”

“I had fixers calling me for over two months. This all happened over eight months, the conservative government tried to bribe me. I was offered a government job, I was offered money, I was offered a guaranteed seat at the legislature, if I crossed the poor and stopped exposing them. There were plenty of incentives being offered to me. When I rejected every one of them, because I don’t do this for money, I don’t do this for power, I said to them, ‘You’re talking to a pastor, I’m not looking for payoff. I’m doing this because what I see is just wrong. It’s evil, and you guys are evil people, and the public deserves to know who you are.’”

“But of course, the systems here are coercion and bribery and blackmail. That’s how the system works here, so they approached me the same way they approach themselves. Because they’re corrupted, they think that everyone is for sale, everyone is corrupt. And they realized I’m not about to take their offers and blackmail started to happen. So I received a few phone calls from people who call themselves ‘fixers.’ If I were to tell you their names, your hair would stand up. These are big players.”

Q: Do you have any allies within the church community?

A: “Well, a handful. A handful of pastors across Canada, we had a few courageous ones who stood up. 99.9% of the pastors took the money. You’ve got to remember, the government offered us all money if we would cooperate; to not hold church services, to shut down. Separation, segregation, isolation, masking, and of course, the latest attack on our human rights: guards at the door, preventing people from coming to the church unless they produce a ‘vaccine passport.’”

“99.9% of the pastors complied, and they received incentives, and they did everything the government wanted them to do. The handful of us who stood, well we were hammered without mercy. At the time, I was charged over 40 times, criminally charged multiple times, found guilty of ‘terrorism’ for speaking to the truckers. ‘Inciting mischief,’ a criminal offense, inciting people to come to church! Criminally charged multiple times. ‘Officiating an illegal gathering,’ ‘participating in an illegal gathering,’ I was even charged criminally for baptizing my daughter.”

“Churches received between $30,000 to half a million dollars. It depends on which one. One big church received two million dollars, medium sized churches received around $300,000, and the little ones got $30, $50, $80 thousand per church.”

“When I talked to the pastors challenging them, they said to me, ‘Financially speaking, it has never been better than now, because they have their churches online, the people are still giving more than ever because they’re not spending money and they have more money, and the government is giving them money for sitting at home.”

“So the pastors said to me, ‘Now, the money is really growing.’ Plus, they got this big chunk of money from the government, plus from the church, plus they received money individually for themselves and their families. So financially speaking, they flourished. Selling Jesus pays very well at the beginning.”

“When they looked at me, they said, ‘You’re stupid! You could be rich, you could have money, and you decided to fight them, so you’re on your own.’ That’s pretty much the approach I received from the mainstream churches. They said that I’m not wise, it’s only temporary, and if I would just take the money and keep my mouth shut, I would not be in this trouble.”

“Like I said, 99.9% of the clergy were more than happy to do what they did. And then, the rest of us, the few, we were hammered, vilified in the media, without mercy. I mean, we are the ‘superspreaders,’ we are the ‘grandma’s killers,’ we are ‘Un-Christ-like,’ we are not loving, we are not really Christians, we are terrorists, and so on.”

Q: You’ve testified before that people have tried to “kill” you. Could you elaborate about this?

A: “So, there were multiple events in my life. They tried to burn us in the middle of the night, so they lit my house on fire, and if it were not for my neighbor, who caught it very quickly, we would have burned alive. My wife came and said, ‘Look, there’s something happening! There’s so many police!’ And I didn’t see the firefighters at first, so I thought, ‘Okay, they’re coming to arrest me.’ But what happened was, our house was on fire, and firefighters came and put it out very quickly. The chief of firefighters said that they had a very similar fire just a week before, and the whole thing burned to the ground, and that we were extremely lucky that they caught it very early, and we saved the house.”

“They unscrewed tires in my pickup truck, and usually, we are driving that truck. But at that time, a volunteer took it and the tire just went flying in the middle of the road. Then, I was physically attacked, punched, my church was vandalized for three months, every week. They tried to burn our church down as well, but they managed only to burn a children’s bus to the ground. The church got spared.”

“Then, I was arrested for giving a sermon to the truckers in Ottawa, doing my sermon. We had the Lord’s Supper, we were singing hymns, we prayed, and I delivered a nineteen-minute sermon where I reminded people of solidarity, I told them to toll the line, to stand for their God- and state-given rights, to do it for their children, and I told them to do it peacefully, three times during my speech.”

“And for that speech, I was arrested by RCMP [the Royal Canadian Mounted Police]. They blocked the entire speech in Calgary police uniforms, undercover. I was interrogated by RCMP for hours, stripped naked, taken to prison, put in solitary confinement. The next day, metal cages no bigger than a man sitting in a chair. You couldn’t stretch, you couldn’t stand, it was unbelievable. Then, I was taken from my solitary cell to a concrete one without water. And that went on for 45 days. Then, I was literally kidnapped by the sheriffs.”

“I was very popular in prison. The inmates absolutely helped me, I was recognized everywhere. So the inmates signed a petition to the director telling him to release me from solitary confinement, or else. So the director, the next day, did arrest me. I was still in a solitary cell, but I was released to have interactions with other inmates, and very quickly, because I was so popular with those guys, I started to have church services for them. I had every inmate in my Bible studies every day.”

“So the government didn’t like that, because I had such a positive influence on the inmates, and I was sitting there with bank robbers, drug dealers, human traffickers, murderers, so they kidnapped me and put me in max [security]. Max [security] is a unit for the most dangerous terrorists. It’s for the most extremely dangerous criminals. I was there by myself, there was absolutely nobody there. Hundreds of cells, but just me, alone, guarded by three guards.”

“It was winter, it was -28 degrees [celsius], and they cranked the air conditioning in such a crazy way. I was shivering all day and all night. I complained to the guards, and said, ‘Listen, I’m freezing to death, it’s so cold here.’ They laughed and said, ‘At least you have fresh air.’”

“Five different inmates from Calgary testified already to my lawyers that the guards were giving them incentives to murder me, to beat me in jail. So we knew that the government wanted to assassinate me using the guise of the inmates. But because I was so popular, they couldn’t achieve that. So, I called my wife. I had only thirty minutes a day out of my freezing cell, so I grabbed the phone and said, ‘Goodbye. I don’t think I’m coming out. I think they want me dead, and they’re succeeding. I’m exhausted, I’m freezing, I can’t sleep, and they refuse to give me an extra blanket.’”

“So my wife called my lawyer, and the lawyer sent a letter to the judge explaining what was happening to me. That scared them. And another interesting thing is that the system works exactly the same way as how homeless shelters operate. They’re being paid per head; the more heads within the system, the more money that they are receiving.”

“I was there for fifty days, and every single day, twice a day, every inmate including me was offered at least five different heavily addictive narcotics like fentanyl, cocaine, you name it. You can have it. They’re giving you heavily addictive narcotics, now you’re being released, hooked on heavy drugs, what are you going to do?”

“Well, drugs are expensive, you don’t have money, so you’re going to have to turn back to a lifestyle of crime so you can go back into the system. The system flourishes when there is a full house, and that’s exactly how this so-called ‘justice system’ works.”

“So anyway, the next day, the judge learned about what was happening, and that scared them. They took me from the max pod, and they took me and put me in a psych ward. It’s a shocking story. You’re dealing with a Polish man, and I had seen behind the Iron Curtain of the Soviets. What the Soviets did, and what the Chinese and the North Koreans are doing the same thing, they would put a political dissonance in mental institutions to drug them, mold them and eventually murder them. I was taken to the psych ward without the evaluation of the doctors, without even the knowledge of Alberta health services. Can you believe it? I was locked in a mental institution, and placed in a cell with a schizophrenic that murdered his own brother with a machete. He chopped him to pieces. He would have those crazy moments. I think, what they were hoping for, during the night hour, was that I would be stabbed and killed by this man.”

“Another interesting part of the story is that they denied my access to my lawyers for three weeks, which is completely illegal. They confiscated my write-ups which were for the eyes of the lawyers only. And then, they would not even give me a pen to keep writing what I was observing because they said I was ‘too dangerous to have a pen.’ When I was taken to the mental institution unit, the schizophrenic had all kinds of pens and pencils, you name it. So I told him that I was considered too dangerous to have a pen, and he said ‘Well, you can have mine.’ And he gave it to me.”

“This is the level of insanity that a Christian pastor was being put through. During that time, the Crown prosecutor, this corrupted liar, was making stuff up, manufacturing offenses. Stephen Johnston is his name. He is a Crown prosecutor from a special Crown prosecutors unit in the province of Alberta. He accused me of causing the Canadian economy over $400 million worth of damages for my sermon to desperate, hurting truckers and farmers on the private property. He compared my sermon to Rwanda Genocide. He said that I was like a man inciting murder on other people.”

“And you can listen to my sermon yourself and be the judge of that. It’s still on Youtube. Eventually, I had my day in court. I am the first Canadian in the history of this country who has been charged and found guilty on this ‘eco-terrorism’ charge, interfering with the crucial infrastructure. I am the first one ever to be found guilty in this country for ‘inciting mischief.’”

“According to the Crown, my sermon was ‘inciting people to commit acts of violence and criminal activity.’ It has never been done in this country, I am the first person to be found guilty of ‘inciting violence’ for a speech. No witnesses were called, no evidence was asked for, except for my sermon. They were going word for word over my sermon, telling the judge what I ‘meant’ when I said certain words.”

“A month later, the judge Gordon Krinke agreed with the Crown and found me guilty on all charges. I’m facing, as we speak right now, ten and a half years of imprisonment. The Crown prosecutor, Stephen Johnston, sent a letter to my lawyers a week ago telling them that he is seeking a minimum of one year of imprisonment, for my, protected by the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 176, 1, 2 and 3, sermon to the hurting people who were peacefully standing for their God- and state-given rights.”

“I was reminding people of our history. That’s what I do, quite often, in my sermons. Being a Polish immigrant, I witnessed the solidarity movement. So I was referring to that. I told [the truckers] to stand for their God- and state-given rights. Three times during my sermon, I told them to do this peacefully; no guns, no swords, but stand. Do it for the children. Stand up in solidarity.”

Q: Tell me about your family and how this experience has affected them.

A: “I have three children, two boys and a girl. I’ve been married to the same wife for thirty years. We met in Greece; she was actually a believer first. I grew up in Poland as a Catholic, and I didn’t know God. She introduced me to God. When I go through all of this craziness, we all go through it, my family.”

“When I was in prison, my wife would make a statement. I couldn’t fight. I was locked in solitary confinement, sometimes 25 or 26 hours straight, in a box. So my wife was doing interviews, my wife was fighting for my life, and my son, Nathaniel. I remember when I was finally released, and I watched some of her talks. She said, ‘We all are in prison. All of us.’”

“If fathers and mothers will not stand up against this, they will come after your loved ones. And that’s history. I’ve experienced this. First, they came after my brother, David. He was arrested with me eleven times. He was arrested with me for standing there with me when I was preaching and keeping the church’s doors open. It was just out of vengeance. Because he was my brother, he was ticketed and arrested as well.”

“Now, they’re coming after my oldest boy, Nathaniel, because I am under house arrest. I have been under house arrest since I was released from prison a year and a half ago. I cannot travel; I cannot leave my country. So my son started to travel to represent me, and he testified for me. When he returned home, he was immediately arrested. He found out that there was a warrant for his arrest, and he’s charged now with ‘harassment’ for reading the Bible in public.”

Q: Why should Christians in the United States be concerned about this?

A: “Well, first of all, because if we are true Christians, we are one body. When one member suffers, we all should suffer. We all should be concerned. Also, think of me as a shield between you and the villains, the tyrants and the rest of the population. When I go down, you can be sure of it, you’re next. And this is history. I am a shield, people like me, and I’m not the only one.”

“Americans should be concerned about what is going on in Canada because they are already coming after you. This attack on our liberties is a global attack by the elite, so you are not excluded. When I was traveling around the U.S. in 2021, I was approached by many Americans who said to me, ‘This will not happen to us, here, because we are protected by the Constitution, all of the amendments and the Declaration of Independence.’”

“I looked at them and said, ‘You people don’t get it. Poland was the second country on earth that implemented a constitution, right after the United States of America. And the Germans didn’t care about our human rights and our constitution. They murdered, pillaged and killed 11 million Polish people during the Nazi era. When we were taken over by the Soviets, they did not care about our constitution. They did not care about our human rights. You have to understand, tyrants do not care. You must care about your piece of paper.”

“If this land belongs to Obamas and Bidens and Faucis, just be a good slave. But if you’re like me, and you understand that this land was given to us by God Himself, then stand up! If not for yourself, do it for your children. You’re going to live in Hell, just like I was living in Hell behind the Iron Curtain, if you choose to do nothing.”

“The Bible says, when you know how to do good, and you choose not to, it’s a sin. There are lots of sinners running around in this world who know how to do the right thing, but they choose not to. They’re scared and deny Christ because they’re afraid to pay the price.”

Pastor Art Pawlowski will be sentenced this Monday, September 18th. Remember that this is a man who has not committed any crime. He has stood on the Criminal Code of Canada and their Constitution in efforts to protect his country’s God-given rights. He is being punished by a government turned hostile and tyrannical toward its own people.

Pastor Pawlowski may not see his family for over a decade. If you would like to help support his church, wife and three children, visit this donation link.

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