Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) Founder David Becker Quits, ERIC Loses Three States, But EIS/GCC and CFR Will Likely Keep ERIC Alive

Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) Founder David Becker Quits, ERIC Loses Three States, But EIS/GCC and CFR Will Likely Keep ERIC Alive

“Still the best” for honest voter rolls, says David Becker but he’s quitting.

Recently, it was announced that David Becker, the creator and head of the database organization known as ERIC has resigned from the board. He gave the explanation that “election deniers” have ramped up their attacks on him and his system, but that even so, ERIC, states Becker, is “the best tool to keep voter lists accurate and combat voter fraud.”

ERIC, or the Electronic Registration Information Center, is the best, but he’s jumping ship anyway. That is laughable. Certainly he is not running scared from a few patriots who have laid bare ERIC’s central role in election fraud.

Becker disdains all things “conservative” and has throughout his life. He was even fired from the Department of Justice in 2005 during the Bush Jr. era for trying to hoodwink his own bosses. Becker was helping a liberal city get around a suit that had been brought forth by the Department regarding voter suppression of Republicans. David Becker has a laser-driven, criminal single-mindedness.

Becker has also organized other groups, most notably the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) which he says was formed to “restore trust in American election systems”. The reality is 180 degrees different. CEIR spends millions to defend crooked election officials against the complaints of their citizens when fraud is uncovered. Wherever state election officials are caught committing blatant crimes against the system, CEIR shows up. As you might imagine, CEIR was heavily involved in Wisconsin in 2020, and in Arizona as well.

As of March 2023, the CEIR website gives extensive explanations/excuses for Becker’s past actions and tells of a group of “GOP” leaders who have signed on with CEIR. That list is a collection of election-involved officials in the most fraudulent of states: AZ, CA, CO, GA, KY, MI, PA. Becker brags about them and their support of his actions, but this tells you all you need to know about his “GOP” supporters and him.

Among his signatories from Florida who are on the list of Becker’s “GOP’ supporters, some deserve special mention. Most notable is Lake County Supervisor of Elections Alan Hayes, who famously turned in citizens who had proven the fraud emanating from his own office to the Election Crimes group in Tallahassee, classing these citizens as “purveyors of disinformation.”

I have my suspicions that the ERIC model is being reorganized under a new name and/or its functions distributed and hidden in other organizations, because we have previously laid them bare. ERIC has grown from innocent kid to a loud teenager who has been drawing some unwanted attention.

Now, with the abdication of Becker, I am even more sure. RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and Deep Staters are joining him. David Becker has not abandoned his embarrassing teenager. Rather they are just changing the name and address. After all, Becker is good at fooling with that stuff; what’s one more fake location?

Perhaps CEIR will be the new locus of creating phantoms who vote? Or, perhaps, the massive ERIC database will just be taken possession of by the Government in D.C. Who knows?

David Becker has spent a large part of his life working against conservatives. Why would he quit now? He has already proven he will do illegal things to defeat conservatives. As the head of ERIC, he was in his glory. I do not think he is quitting his seat as the power behind the wicked throne of the fraud machinery in this country. There is always a substrate story when things don’t add up, and I believe that is the case this time as well. We will sniff it out and report back.

Where Becker is going or what he is going to do next remains to be seen, but you can bet we’ll stay on it. This is just too much fun.

Voter Rolls Have Names In Excess Of The Total Number Of Eligible Citizens

In 2012, ERIC was brought online as a membership organization to ostensibly help the states clean their voter rolls. The federal government had been planning to seize the power of election controls from the states and have a master list of citizens since the early 1990s. The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (the “motor voter law” which mandated every registrant at a driver’s bureau be registered to vote) and Help America Vote Act of 2002 were two laws passed to this end. Each sunk its claws into the states’ rights to control of their own elections, by using the excuse of disenfranchisement.

With the losses of both houses of Congress by Obama in 2010, the Left had to regroup, and ERIC was born. Essentially, ERIC is a huge artificial intelligence database which contains all the personal information of every citizen who has ever lived in an ERIC state. Data comes from every person who has applied for a driving license, visited a state welfare or health agency, or worked for state elections in any capacity.

That information becomes the possession of ERIC and is never made public or returned to the states. In “exchange”, ERIC gives its members four lists: who moved within the ERIC state, who moved to another ERIC state, who died, and who had been adjudicated unable to vote for reasons of felony conviction or mental incapacity. Its mandates to members, from the bylaws, were 100% about registering unregistered voters rather than cleaning rolls, despite what they say today.

Kris Jurski, the lead systems analyst from the Florida Republican Assembly has proven that ERIC’s out-of-state movers’ list actually multiplies the phantom addresses (those which are deemed “undeliverable” by the USPS) on the voter rolls by a power of 3, instead of their being removed from the voter rolls of the state from which they moved. It is these “bad addresses” which are the phantoms whose votes are added to drop boxes, or turned in to County Election Supervisors’ offices.

I talked to Jurski on March 21, 2023 on Catching Fire News on this subject and more about ERIC.

Florida had hundreds of thousands of this kind of VOTED AND SIGNED ballots on hand before the November 2022 midterms. There are millions more across the country which are being used as the powers see fit. They do not represent the wishes of anyone except the purveyors of fraud.

Fifty percent of all ERIC members have carried voter rolls in excess of the total number of eligible citizens of voting age living in the state since 2020 as listed by the United States Election Assistance Commission. If ERIC is the best way to keep our voter rolls clean, we are in trouble.

On March 6, Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd announced that Florida was resigning from ERIC. Just one week before, he had told some of the state’s citizens who had proven ERIC’s foibles to Tallahassee – that they should “just forget it” and that Florida was “never going to get out of ERIC.”

Across the state, in a number of counties, there had been a rising movement to hold county-level Supervisors of Election responsible for the bad addresses on the rolls and to get out of ERIC.

ERIC is a leftist-designed system of artificial intelligence which gathers all data on every state resident. Addresses proven bad by the USPS were stored there along with the addresses of legitimate registered voters. At the end of January, it was proven by the citizens’ group that there were 885,000 undeliverable addresses on the Florida rolls in every county.

Soon, something else suspicious occurred. On the same day as Florida had announced the end of their love affair with ERIC, West Virginia’s and Missouri’s Secretaries of State announced their states were resigning as well. My radar went up. No amount of pressure from citizen groups or articles on the Internet was going to cause three states to undertake simultaneous withdrawals.

The resignations from ERIC are not what they seem at first glance. Here is what I suspect.

The annual meeting of all of our secretaries of state occurred in D.C. in mid-February. I believe that it is quite possible that the group agreed on a new approach to replace or sanitize the ERIC system, and the unexpected announcements were a part of that.

This makes sense if you consider the NASS agenda and speakers, detailed below.

The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) met for their annual meeting in D.C. on February 15–18, 2023. Most of the sessions had to do with the election process, including open meetings with the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (EIS/GCC). The afternoon of the first day was filled with closed sessions. The next day opened with the Cybersecurity Committee chairs, Ardoin of LA, and Way of NJ. The Elections Committee met next, chaired by the NM SOS Toulouse-Oliver who was just caught using illegal auditing systems, and Pate, SOS of IA. The International Relations Committee was addressed by a delegation from Israel and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

NASS members also heard about cyber threats from abroad, voting guidelines and systems, and the “new” equipment, how to depreciate the cost of the old stuff, and “test lab misinformation”. A special session by the BBB on marketplace transparency was included.

Now, about those addressing the session attendees. The federal government agency EIS/GCC is in its very existence an unconstitutional interference in states’ rights, one of many today voted into law some years ago. Also, the Secretaries heard are linked to the Council on Foreign Relations, part of the shadowy network behind the real Deep State. Of all the speakers, this is the group that is the most dangerous and the one which had no business in the individual states’ control of their own elections and election integrity.

A World System Of Financial Control In Private Hands

To further understand the CFR, note what a late mentor of Bill Clinton’s, Carroll Quigley, wrote in his book Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time,

“The powers of financial capitalism have another far-reaching aim… to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the whole world.”

Read that again. It is coming to pass right under our noses.

As a committed Leftist, Quigley of course said that he had no objections to it and went so far as to ridicule the concept of a two-party system controlling the directions of a nation. Quigley had been very close to the inner workings of the Deep State for years. He knew the CFR to be the real Deep State power behind the Deep State we refer to today. His book is very revealing.

All the details above do provide us with insight into the minds of those assembled at NASS 2023. All the pieces of information demonstrate how our Secretaries of State were engaged when they were together and to whom they were listening – just before their sudden ERIC withdrawals.

I believe that the three abrupt resignations indicate a change of direction in the federal interference in and management of our voter rolls. It may well have called for a few “big splash” resignations from ostensibly “red” states to show us. It is the “bright shiny object” trick. Of the three recent states announcing their quitting ERIC, Ashcroft of MO is described by patriot-citizens as a Uniparty RINO. The SOS of WV, Mac Warner is already a declared candidate for Governor of WV in 2024, and the Florida Secretary of State never fought ERIC until his sudden withdrawal. Each of these three may well have gone along with the idea of saving the ERIC system for future use under a different name or address, while gaslighting America.

The real concern is where and how ERIC will pop up again. Will its mission be disbursed among several federal agencies, or will something new take its place? Perhaps there will be a new three- or four-letter agency or some such which will do the job of keeping phantoms on the rolls.

We have got to stay with this and keep a watch on election fraud systems. Stolen elections have not gone away. They are far too valuable to those who would never win any other way, and far too dangerous for us to ignore.

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Kat Stansell

Kat Stansell is the Grassroots Outreach Director for the American Policy Center. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and alumna of Denison University, Granville, Kat Stansell served the village of Mettawa in Lake County, Illinois as treasurer and chair of the Planning Commission where she got a good look at the process of civic versus corporate interaction. She has been a local activist working for several candidates and organizations. She has also written for newspapers and websites and organized events highlighting issues of the day.