Rachel Roberts Recipes: Perfectly Seared Salmon

It’s a New Year! If you did the holidays correctly…you’re probably thinking about healthy choices and what you can do that tastes great for the whole family. My boys love this and we make it weekly.

Perfectly Seared Salmon with a Killa Sauce

One of very favorite dishes, is Salmon. I buy the whole slab and make this once a week. It’s not hard to do and it NEVER disappoints.





Cajun Seasoning

Lemon Zest

Lemon Sliced


Olive Oil


Season w/ Salt and Pepper (I WILL NOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH. Why? Because…we all know what we like. If you like a little extra salt…then you add it. If you don’t salt at all…don’t salt!)

Season with your favorite Cajun Seasoning. I like Slap Ya Mama or Tony Chachere’s.

Zest lemon. Sprinkle over that bad boy. Slice the lemon. Throw slices on top of salmon at the end before baking.

Add Thyme.

Brush with Olive Oil.

Bake 375 for 15 to 20. I go for 15 because I want to sear it after baking. I love the crispy golden crust from searing it.

Remove from oven. Cut a portion off and the fun begins!

Add salmon to hot oiled pan and sear both sides…golden and delicious. Sear one or two of the lemon slices. Remove from heat. Plate. Squeeze fresh lemon over seared salmon with a sprinkle of salt.

Killa Sauce

1/4 c Mayo (I use Avocado Mayo. It’s a delicious and a healthy choice)

Salt and Pepper


Cajun Seasoning

Lime juice or Lemon…both work beautifully

Spread Killa Sauce on plate then place Seared Salmon on top. Add a slice of seared lemon. BELLISSIMO!

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Remember folks…Eat Clean!

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Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts is a chef. She is a cohost for Movie Reviews and More. She is a single mother and devoted Christian and so much more. From Red Carpet Events, to writing her Cookbook, "Eat Clean, Drink a Little Dirty," to working on her upcoming Cooking Show Rachel Roberts Recipes. She also has a morning talk show. COFFEE TALK! Which can be seen on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok @rachelrobertsrecipes. Rachel is a lifelong Houstonian with a strong Italian and Texas upbringing. Italian mother always cooking in the kitchen and Texarkana dad outside smoking on the pit. Travelling the world from the time she was a child, and amazing parents who loved and lived food, taught her how to eat well and made her who she is today. She is inspired by what is growing in her garden. Eat what you grow. Eat Clean, Drink a Little Dirty is her motto. From cocktails, to die for healthy cuisine...you are bound to fall in love with her energy and contagious enthusiasm. Join her today @rachelrobertsrecipes, check out Coffee Talk Mon-Fri, and Tuesday 7pm Central Movie Reviews and More is LIVE.