Bible Trivia

1.) Who made the statement, “Take ye him, and crucify him, for I find
no fault in him.”?
a) Mary Magdalene b) Judas c) Pilate d) Herod

2.) Some countries (Mexico, Spain, and Greece) have bonfires at Easter
time. What is burned in these fires?
a) crosses made out of straw b) effigies of Judas c) colored paper eggs d) a giant cloth Easter bunny

3.) What kind of cloth was used to wrap the body of Jesus?
a) wool b) linen c) cotton d) silk

4.) Jesus body was placed in a sepulcher and a rock was rolled to cover the
opening. What is a sepulcher?
a) large pottery urn b) wooden coffin c) cave-like tomb d) hole in dug in the ground

5.) How many angels were guarding the sepulcher?
a) one b) four c) six d) two

6.) Which disciple is not present when Jesus goes to see them after his
a) Thomas b) Simon c) Paul d) Peter

7.) Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After his crucifixion,
Jesus rose from the dead how many days later?
a) 7 b) 3 c) 2 d) 5

8.) Which prisoner was released instead of Jesus?
a) Barabbas b) Barnabas c) Bartholomew d) Barak

9.) What was the name of the hill where they crucified Jesus?
a) Gethsemane b) Golgotha c) Gibeon d) Ararat

10.) What animal did Jesus ride on when he entered Jerusalem the week
before his death?
a) a camel b) a horse c) none, he walked d) a donkey

Answers: 1) C, 2) B, 3) B, 4) C, 5) D, 6) A, 7) C, 8) A, 9) B, 10) D

Joseph Menslage

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