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BreatheFit has dedicated personal trainers passionate about improving our clients’ health and wellness. Using functional fitness modalities with adaptive principles to take all levels of fitness to another level. Individualized programs made to fit your lifestyle providing consistency for success. Performing the same exercises for over 2- weeks? You are not reaching your body’s full potential.

Fitness on your terms:
1) On-site One on One Training
• One-hour personalized sessions
• Accountability touch-points
• Hands-on function & form correction
• Initial objective quality measures
• Mental Well-Being Consultations*

2) Online / Zoom / MicrosoftTeams
• 30 – minute private sessions
• Accountability check-ins & communications
• Touch points for higher success
• Mental Well-Being Consultations*

Typical clients we train:
• Unable to hit fitness goals
• Athletic performance: Pro to Intermediate
• Struggling to lose or gain weight
• Poor stamina and endurance
• Range of motion or mobility issues
• Correct core stability and balance
• Chronic disease requiring exercise
• Transition from post rehab or hospitalization
• Overcoming mental set-backs
• Avoiding box gyms – quality exercises

Expected outcomes
• Develop better knowledge and variation
• Mitigate injury and know form importance
• Motivated with multiple exercises
• Better fitness, conditioning and mobility
• Improvement in overall strength and stability
• Positive outlook and overall confidence

Who is BreatheFit?
BreatheFit was created by Clinicians and Personal Fitness Trainers. The amalgam of knowledge forged a new platform for functional fitness utilizing daily movements with resistance training as our cornerstone. Our methodologies break the mold of typical exercise to meet the body’s demands for needed conditioning and performance.

BreatheFit uses the basis of Functional Fitness and takes it to another level. Utilizing our tools in movement and meshing it with our performance breathing techniques – the outcomes exceed expectations. Take your life to another level. From a professional athlete to a person with minimal exercise, BreatheFit will get you there.

BreatheFit partners with other skilled professionals to provide a full mind and body experience. This includes: Nutrition Counseling, Post-Rehab Transition, Weight Loss, Adaptive Training and Mental Health consultations are ancillary disciplines we provide. Even though our emphasis is Fitness, we understand the importance of balance using a wellness benefit to overall health.

The outcomes of higher endurance, stamina, strength and control has made BreatheFit revolutionary to fitness.

With over 50-combined years in athletic training, healthcare, and martial arts – we believe every client is unique. We customize every program to fit your needs exactly. Our expertise in balancing your own physical capabilities to a higher level is our goal to make the most of what you are able to achieve.

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710 South 8th Street
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(281) 342-4042
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Family to Family Adoptions has been a licensed child-placing agency since February 14, 2001. Since that time, we have placed over 475 babies/children for adoption with loving families like yours. We provide pre-placement and post-placement adoption services including home studies, counseling, and post placement reporting. We also work with birthmothers to ensure they are receiving adequate medical care.

We also have a contract with the State of Texas for foster care, foster to adopt care, and straight adoption through our foster care program. We specialize in kinship foster care.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to ask questions.

His Grace Senior Living Center
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4011 Viewpoint Court
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(713) 540-2717
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Welcome to His Grace Senior Living Center:

We are a (Christian)16 bed facility, and we believe that if you are looking for a personal touch in a Christian setting, we are the answer to your prayers. We provide non-medical services for self-ambulatory seniors through our long-term & respite programs. All residents can receive contracted services through Home Care, Home Health Care, Hospice, Visiting Physicians, Visiting Dentist, Visiting Podiatrist, Visiting Barber, Hair Stylist & Nail Technicians. Choose from a private room or a semi-private room. We look forward to bringing your family a sense of hope and a peace of mind knowing that their loved one is being treated with dignity & compassion. Call or email us today to schedule a tour. We can’t wait for you or your loved one to experience all of His Grace!

We have 16 beds and we offer:

*Medication Monitoring


*Incontinent Assistance 

*Exercised & Movement Classes

*Daily Activities

*3meals plus snacks

*Laundry Services


*Call Buttons for residents

*Camera Monitoring

*Comfortable Lift Chairs

*ADA Compliant Bathroom

*Walk In & Roll in Showers

*Whole House Generac Generator


Feel free to take our virtual tour on our Facebook page! We also have a YouTube channel at .

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PO Box # 115
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LifeFirst does the grassroots work of individual heart and mind change to create an attitude shift that makes abortion and euthanasia unthinkable. Our vision is to see each individual life valued and protected from conception to natural death. We do this through prayer, education and direct care to people making life decisions.

Suarez Cares Inc.
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(530) 691-0223
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Introducing our 501c3 nonprofit organization to help children receive physical therapy!

Through God’s guidance, we are now launching a project we believe will help children receive physical therapy. The money received will be utilized for 2-3 week intensive therapy for each child. It will also be utilized for short programs that Local Pediatric Physical Therapy offers such as a Serial Casting Series or Aquatic Series. Patients will be added to a waiting list as donations are received. Please pray and consider being a part of this amazing opportunity to help these children and families! Together we can make a difference!

Consider a one time donation or monthly contributions. All will help to reach our goal of touching as many lives as we can! Donations can be received at this time through Venmo @suarezcares

Please email at or call (530) 691-0223 for more information.