One Kentucky Teen Exemplifies What It Means to Be a Christian When Denied His High School Diploma for Praising Jesus in Graduation Speech

One Kentucky Teen Exemplifies What It Means to Be a Christian When Denied His High School Diploma for Praising Jesus in Graduation Speech

Micah Price, a new graduate of Campbell County High School in Alexandria, Kentucky, found himself in a controversy when he veered off script during his commencement speech to express his faith in Jesus Christ. The school administration promptly withheld his diploma.

Price, who had received approval to mention Jesus in his speech, took the opportunity to share his love of Christ with his fellow graduates. 

“Class, before another word leaves my mouth, I must give the honor, the praise and the glory to my lord and savior Jesus Christ,” he declared to the audience at the Truist Arena in Northern Kentucky University on May 24.

However, school officials were displeased when Price deviated from his prepared remarks to praise God. Following the ceremony, Price was confronted by school authorities and subsequently denied his diploma.

In a TikTok video posted later, Price explained that he was asked to explain his actions to the school board for going off script. The district had initially allowed him to thank Jesus but insisted he stick to the approved script thereafter.

Superintendent Shelli Wilson emphasized that departing from approved speeches could have consequences, citing potential disruptions to the event’s atmosphere. According to Price, his original script included similar expressions of faith, but he was instructed to remove them to avoid controversy.

Despite the incident, Price expressed that he holds no ill will towards the school or its officials, acknowledging that they were simply following protocol. He took full responsibility for his actions, asserting that his allegiance lies with his higher power, not with his school or his district.

“It’s a weird feeling, being the talk of the town,” Price said on a TikTok video. “I will continue to preach this message… I’m not here to push a political agenda, I’m not here to push my agenda, I’m not here to say anything except for this one thing: Christ deserves to be talked about. Christ is the way through life. Christ is my savior, he’s my lord, he’s my everything. I’ve given my life to him.”

“That is what I’m here to talk about. And I’m here to push that. I don’t fear Campbell County High School. I don’t fear the world. I fear God, and I do what he tells me to do.”

Price referenced the many people who are upset with the school administration on his behalf, and he asked them to remain calm and abide by the biblical teachings of 1 John.

John talks about how it is absolutely impossible to consider yourself a Christian if you cannot love your brother or your neighbor,” he said. “I will get my diploma, I guarantee you, as soon as I walk in there, they will probably throw it at me so that I can walk out the door.”

After a short few days of uncertainty, Price finally received his diploma, describing it as an “answered prayer.” 

As he looks ahead to his future at the US Air Force Academy, Price remains steadfast in his faith, asserting that he would make the same choices again.

Let Price serve as a reminder of how Christians must be steadfast in faith. As one commenter wrote, “I love that this student didn’t back down… that’s civil disobedience… and good for him. As Christians, we need to not back down. Stand for what’s in God’s Word.”

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