A Look at Cornerstone Christian Academy’s Remarkable 2023-2024 School Year and its Plans for the Future

A Look at Cornerstone Christian Academy’s Remarkable 2023-2024 School Year and its Plans for the Future

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX— In the heart of vibrant Sugar Land lies a beacon of academic excellence and spiritual growth— Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA). CCA rings in its 20th anniversary, marking two decades of providing transformative educational experiences grounded in Christian values to countless young hearts and minds.

As the 2023-2024 school year draws to a close, CCA has earned spotlight recognition for a year filled with achievements, growth and exciting plans for the future.

Head of School, Eric Nicholie, expresses gratitude to parents for entrusting their children to CCA, where the mission of “Skills for Life and Faith for Eternity” is diligently carried out.

Athletics Triumphs and Academic Excellence

In the arena of athletics, CCA’s Football and Boys’ Tennis Teams clinched the championship, with the girls’ tennis team securing a runner-up position. Notably, the boys’ tennis victory marked a back-to-back championship win. Additionally, the school witnessed a surge in student participation in Junior Cougar Soccer and Track, hinting at a promising expansion of these programs.

Academically, CCA students soared above the national average in every tested area of the standardized MAP assessment, surpassing millions of students nationwide. More than 70% of students in grades 2-8 were honored for performing in the top percentile band in either Achievement or Growth during the end-of-year academic awards ceremony, showcasing remarkable proficiency in Reading, Language, Math and Science. 

“This is an amazing achievement and should be celebrated by our families, teachers and students,” Nicholie praised his students. “Science was the subject that had the highest scores. We also received national recognition as a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Distinguished Launch School for our Elementary, and we were recognized as a Project Lead the Way Gateway Distinguished School for our Middle School.”

The school’s emphasis on STEM education was further recognized nationally, cementing its status as a leader in the field.

Advancements and Faithful Foundations

In a spectacular celebration of two decades of “Skills for Life and Faith for Eternity” at CCA, the community rallied together at a Gala and surpassed fundraising goals for a new playground system and six-square structure. 

“In the next couple of weeks, we’ll share a 3D rendering to give everyone a sneak peek of what our project will look like,” Nicholie announced. “The current installation is scheduled for the fall of 2024.”

Central to CCA’s mission is its dedication to outreach and nurturing Christian faith. 

“We desire to plant the seed of Christ through our campus ministry, daily interactions with our students and families, chapel, service projects and trips and Bible classes,” Nicholie detailed.

This commitment bore fruit as twenty-four students and one teacher were baptized this year—a record-breaking milestone in the school’s history!

Looking Ahead: Plans for Expansion and Growth

As CCA commemorates its 20th anniversary, plans for the future are already underway— particularly with the opening of a College Preparatory High School.

Last summer, CCA’s Board of Trustees approved adding a High School division to CCA through a multi-site approach, which involves moving the Middle School to the future location of the High School.

“We would open year one (freshman class) at our current location during the 2025-2026 school year and then move to the new location during the 2026-2027 school year. The multi-site approach will also increase capacity for both preschool and elementary divisions at our current location,” Nicholie said.

Strategic planning sessions and monthly meetings will shape the trajectory of the High School division, ensuring a seamless transition for students and continued excellence in education. 

A rigorous search for a suitable location within a 5-mile radius of the current campus is ongoing, guided by prayer and community input. The school board has created a High School Site Committee, conducted more than ten meetings regarding potential locations, and completed feasibility studies. 

Nicholie has met with developers and designated three possible locations, which will be reviewed by the Board throughout the summer in order to finalize a location by fall 2024. 

As the school year concludes, Nicholie extends gratitude to the entire CCA community for their unwavering support and prayers..

“As I reflect on all the milestones from this year… and as we navigate this exciting phase of our school’s growth, I am humbled, honored and grateful to be your Head of School,” Nicholie said. “I am committed to expanding our presence in Fort Bend County and am excited to celebrate the legacy we have established this year, as well as look to the horizon as we plan for our future.”

“I pray you have a relaxing and joyful summer with your family and friends. Take the opportunity to unplug and connect! See you August 14!”

CCA is currently in open enrollment and has tours available this summer. Slots are filling up quickly, so please sign up here for a tour.

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