Advancing Peacemaker Communities: Congressional Trip to China

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are indeed children of God.” – Matthew 5:9

It is time for a Congressional trip to China. The entirety of the United States Congress should go to China and look upon her for real. It will cost America zero dollars. All Senators and House Representatives will go to China with their American support teams, and fan out all across China, visiting any part of China she or he wants, to see and document everything. After six days in China, all members of Congress can send their trip expenses to Beijing, and Beijing will reimburse Congress for every Chinese dime (or American dime, if a senator or House Rep decides to spend in dollars in China).

This Congressional Survey of China will bring all 541 members of Congress – Democrat, Independent, and Republican – to China to see for themselves if this nation is actually a threat.

All Congressional expenses on this Survey will be absorbed by China as host. This will cost only 0.0001% of the projected horror of a foolish international war.

To learn a country for real and know a nation up close will count as an extremely intelligent move: no lives are sacrificed that way. No government has the right to ask innocent soldiers to go off and die for political games. The games must stop, and they must stop now.

Document as much as you can comfortably manage. Go for whatever you want. A squirrel, a deep-fried onion biscuit, a sleek train, or a clogged drain. Anything. Document stuff, take selfies, pan and zoom, and create notes. Upload directly to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, via VPN, the very same day.

The Busiest Week Ever

China will pay for Congressional flights in and out of China. Members of Congress, spread out even when you’re boarding in America: board all the Chinese and American airlines, use all the various brands, and land in China. That way, you’re not skipping out on the Chinese airlines. Remember to document everything.

There will be no need for Congress to convene and argue in D.C. over the issue of imagined visa delays. Members of Congress, the world knows your faces, so show your IDs upon arrival in China to prove you’re American, and you will be issued lifetime visas on the spot that never expire. Alight from your flight, go to a counter, and claim your visa. It’s that simple. You are in China. This is not the moon.

The moment you’re in China, there will be no guides, no minders, and no escorts. After a state reception in Beijing, all members of Congress can spread out all over China, and you can go anywhere you want, because every tourist in China does exactly the same thing: they go anywhere they want. Head straight for Xinjiang if you want. Head over into Tibet, and cross over into Guangxi and Yunnan. Go to Hainan and Guangzhou, and burrow inland again to see Changsha and Chengdu and Chongqing. Study Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Harbin. Go to countrysides, valleys and villages, and seemingly unpronounceable places with quirky names.

Go everywhere. Different Senators can explore differently and pool their findings. They can livestream and upload and tweet – all the time if they want to, and as much as they want, and whatever they want. House Reps can issue statements, say declarative things in public for any number of cameras, and display any type of emotion they want to. Members of Congress, ask anyone anything. Dig, pry, debate, inquire, doubt, ask some more. Film everything. Record everything.

It would be idiotic to think all 1.5 billion Chinese persons fake it for your eyes. This is not a nation of cyborg extraterrestrials. They are flesh and blood, and their humanity is already apparent. It is time to verify what on earth is going on in China, by going there and taking a long, hard look.

Quantify the six days you have, and use those days well. Six days is only a suggestion. Any more will take time away from your schedule in Washington. Therefore you have six days in China. Go to any house or apartment unit you want, and knock on doors. Walk into any shop you want, and talk to anyone you wish to. Go to churches, mosques, temples, and colleges. Pop by suddenly at factories, workshops, and processing plants. Talk to random people on the streets, avenues, and boulevards. Carry loads of memory, because you’re recording everything.

This will be the busiest August week in the history of China-America relations. August is good. There are no festivals. You get to see family life, community life, commerce life – without the festivities. At any rate, pick any month, Congress, and pretty much fly out to China all of a sudden and survey the largest nation on earth. Get into the thick of it, and document everything you ask, everything you see, everything that is spoken, and everything written.

For the Sake of Lives

Life is not a computer game. Projectile lights and unlimited ammo in a computer game count as entertainment. Sending men against each other in war does not qualify as entertainment. War is only attractive to those who fantasize about it but haven’t felt the searing, ungodly pain of a bullet. Purveyors of war do not actually want to die on the frontlines. Therefore, no one should help them build those frontlines.

No person, whether Caucasian or Oriental, should have to get offered up on the foolish altar of war. This is the twenty-first century, not 3,000 B.C. War is not heroic. The sweaty bodies, leather straps, and bloody swords are movies. Real life depends on practical things like jobs, salaries, and nutritious food. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are indeed children of God.” (Matthew 5:9) It is incumbent on believers in the Almighty to create peace where peace is absent.

If misunderstandings were to lead to war, it would be a stupid war and nothing more. China and America must come together in China – for the sake of real life, and for the sake of real lives in China and America. A Congressional Survey of China is absolutely necessary.

The only way to clear up misunderstandings and achieve an informed, educated peace is to do just that: information and education. The Congressional Survey of China will prove informative and educational – for Chinese citizens and American politicians.

Upon the conclusion of this Congressional Survey, the Chinese and American militaries should train with each other in the seas and oceans – and regularly. The two militaries will retain classified information, that is true, but their constant contact and joint operations will build a shared protocol. This is the sort of stability that will allow for a lasting peace. News outlets will suffer because there will be nothing sensational to drum up. Civilians will rejoice because they can now focus better on jobs, innovation, investment, and recreation. China and America will end up spending on each other at levels unprecedented in history. By 2030 there will be no such thing as an impoverished American (unless of course an individual chooses to be).

It all begins with the first-ever Congressional Survey of China.

The Foolishness of Spending on War

An international war would cost a trillion dollars. With just a tenth of that sort of money, 15% of the American population, 50 million Americans, could go to China on a survey for six days inclusive of flights, accommodation, food, and terrestrial transportation. Fifty million witnesses to the situation in China would shape up as something more valuable than a war.

Get fifty million Americans to go and see China for themselves? Yes, it is better to spend on this, than waste a trillion dollars on a useless war.

The Chinese nation does not want to get gunned down into pools of blood. This nation will beckon 541 members of Congress, 50 million Americans, or any number of foreign nationals. This is a country that would rather spend on your trips and accommodation and reimburse you for your real-life China encounter, than a war that sounds fantastic to immature men who want to prove testosterone.

It is not the duty of Christians to create global situations of “nations rising against nations.” Christian prophecy does not mean a Christian has to walk around with endtime glee, hoping for war and mass casualties. There is no indication that China is a Gog or Magog. It might be convenient to assign that sort of designation to China, but any interaction with Chinese people will only disqualify those Gog-Magog labels.

Let the interaction commence. Go to China, check it out, and see if she’s the greatest threat to America, or the greatest potential ally of America in the history of the world.

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Victor Yong Jen Ong

Victor Yong Jen Ong chairs a community roundtable for classical Chinese values, and is critical of communist 'democratic' philosophies. Credentialed in global affairs at Harvard University and in corporate ethics at the Federation University in Australia, Jen is author of Daughter of Palestine, a pro-Israel book, and appears on Israel365 and Oriental Daily News.