LGBTQ+ Crowds Shout Down Conservative Bill Procedures in Texas State Capitol, Texas Department of Public Safety Tasked with Dispersing Protestors

LGBTQ+ Crowds Shout Down Conservative Bill Procedures in Texas State Capitol, Texas Department of Public Safety Tasked with Dispersing Protestors

On Tuesday, May, 2, 2023, Texas legislative and government proceedings in the Texas State Capitol, Austin, were disrupted by LGBTQ+ protestors in the hundreds who had gathered in the state building to defeat the passage of a conservative bill meant to protect children from underage sex-change mutilation surgeries.

The LGBTQ+ crowds were mostly young, college-age Americans and high school students who went to the State Capitol about forty-eight hours in advance of Tuesday to prepare their protest against the child protection bill. The LGBTQ+ movement believes that it is a child’s freedom to choose her/his gender and that it is permissible to allow a child to undergo sex reassignment surgeries if she or he wishes to do so.

Dr. Steven F. Hotze is among the most prominent of Texans at the forefront of securing a child’s fundamental liberties – not the freedom to suffer, but the freedom to retain one’s body intact, unmodified, and unmolested. He has described surgical sexual reassignment as nothing less than mutilation.

On May 2, the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas sent troopers to begin the dispersal of the loud and vociferous protestors, at least one of whom put up resistance and was immediately subdued by a multiracial team of troopers comprising Hispanic American, African American, and Caucasian American police officers.

Stuck between obeying orders for the dispersal and lockdown of the Capitol building, and actually dispersing the protestors, the Texas DPS troopers, also colloquially known as the Texas State Police, did not merely shoo the protestors off of the premises, but found themselves having to haul protestors away. The State Police is actually the Texas Highway Patrol in official nomenclature, but functions as a full-fledged police force. However, it is a force of only 3,000 officers statewide, and a small detachment is assigned to protect the Governor and police the State Capitol.

The Texas State Police troopers are seen in video recordings having made contact with protestors female and male, to move them toward exits. The deterioration of the situation on May 2 reveals how disorganized and divided Texas politics has become, mirroring the general divide that has split America in two – Democrats or liberal progressives on one side, and Republicans or conservatives on the other.

The need that has suddenly arisen to restore order in a state building, and the phenomenon of civilians swarming a state building in order to shout down a bill point to the decline in the relationship between lawmakers and sections of the general public. While it may seem like an educated viewpoint to proclaim surgical freedom for “trans-kids,” the sheer illogic of putting innocent children through such unwarranted pain and mutilation and its acceptance as normal by the LGBTQ+ movement have come as a result of failings in the realm of public education in recent decades.

While many teachers, lecturers, and professors are afraid to speak the truth about what’s ethical and what isn’t, the activists in the LGBTQ+ movement are not fearful in the least. They gather to shout, insult, and occupy. They conduct sit-ins and camp-outs. They show their faces and are unafraid. If there is anything we can learn from their bravado and unity, there it is. While it is true these young people are misled and misinformed, their courage and defiance are worth taking notes on.

It is time to show these passionate young minds what true medical ethics really are, and that it is morally corrupt to even think of mutilating young children. Sex-change mutilation surgeries do not resolve emotional and psychological difficulties in people. More importantly, underage children should not have to destroy themselves before the age of consent. It is incumbent on society to protect children, not open the way to their ruin.

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