Tips for Student Travel in Israel

Many students choose to travel to Israel during school holidays. See how to plan an itinerary, what attractions to visit, and how to plan your time in Israel in our guide.

Preparing for a trip can get rather chaotic. It’s especially true for planning the trip of your dreams, such as seeing Israel for the first time. Of course, such a trip will be magical no matter what. Yet, it is always best to come prepared. Such an advance is even more accurate for first-time travelers, and those with little experience in abroad travels. Israel is an amazing and popular place to visit. Yet, it is not the easiest trip to plan, especially if you are on a budget. So, let’s see some tips for student travel in Israel.

Travel off-season

Traveling off-season is a common practice among all budget tourists. Of course, Israel also has its high season, usually June to September, with July and August being especially crowded. During these months, you should expect large groups of tourists and nomads who come for a season. Also, it’s quite common to take excursions from Egypt to Israel. So, large groups of international tourists from Egypt leave their hotels for a few days to come to Israel and cause a true collapse at any popular sight imaginable.

Most people choose the summer months due to the hot weather (although a little too hot for some people’s liking). However, if you are not coming for the sun but for the sights and cultural experience, choose early spring instead. It will still be warm enough to walk around but not as crowded or expensive.

Bonus tip: book everything in advance, especially if you are on a budget. Cheap accommodation in Israel is quite a rarity. So if you find any, book them on the spot.

Make a list of free attractions

As you already know, the most popular attractions in Israel are also free. In fact, there are quite a lot of them to visit in one short stay. So, you better plan your way around the country before getting there. Of course, such sights as the Western Wall and the Old City of Jerusalem go without saying. These are absolute musts on anyone’s list. However, you’ll have to set your priorities further on.

For instance, you can walk from Tel Aviv to Jaffa through Tayelet – a beautiful, paved beachside. Such a place is an attraction on its own. Next, you may also climb Monte das Oliveiras (Mount of Olives) to enjoy a spectacular view of Jerusalem. Close to it is the most sacred and popular religious spot, Église du Saint-Sépulcre, which is also worth seeing at least once. Overall, the list can go on and on. It is up to you to choose the sights to visit. Just know that there are plenty of places to see without any fee.

Also, don’t worry if you know little about these ancient places. It’s okay to admit that as long as you want to learn. So, consider ordering a research paper on the history of those places before you go. Though choose the writing services wisely. You don’t want any mistakes. For instance, you may read this extremely detailed paperhelp review before placing an order.

Take advantage of Israel’s markets

Sure, Israel has a great dining scene all over the country. Israeli food represents the best products and dishes in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. However, fancy restaurants can get a little too pricey for students, especially if you travel to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Also, you should beware of tourist sights too. Still, there is a good chance to eat delicious local food for half the price you expected.

Since the beginning of time, the city’s life has always revolved around food markets. It is a similar situation now. You can find anything on the local market called “shuk.” There you can find fresh, tasty produce for cooking at home or purchase already prepared simple dishes for much lower costs. Besides, it is also a great place for finding souvenirs for your loved ones.

Also, while we are at it, don’t pass any street food on your way! Where else can you find such delicious and affordable falafels, burika, or shawarma? In fact, many markets will have plenty of street food stands inside or around the market, as well as all over the city. Plus, it is, without a doubt, some of the healthiest street food in the world, so don’t miss out on that.

Make plans for Shabbat

Don’t forget about Shabbat on Fridays. You should make plans for the day that don’t include public transport, shopping, or, well, pretty much anything else that involves businesses and other people. It’s the time to rest, reflect, and be with the family. Many people in Israel will do exactly that.

However, it is not like you won’t be able to do anything at all. For example, you can spend time outdoors, visiting the Garden of Gethsemane, the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, or Caesarea. However, don’t forget to rent a car or make other arrangements before Friday.

How about camping?

All those nature lovers should also consider going camping in Israel. It is a highly popular activity here and can show you the country in a new light. You can visit multiple authorized camping spots or go free camping, which is legal and encouraged. Of course, the former will provide you with clean bathing facilities, electricity, and even Wi-Fi. Students who still need some homework to do, read WritingPaperSucks reviews, or stay online may prefer this option better. However, free camping can also be a lot of fun, especially if you know what you’re doing.


Lastly, just remember to enjoy yourself! You are in one of the best, most significant, and most beautiful countries in the world. There is no time to worry or get anxious over your itinerary. The main goal here is to stay open-minded and receive the experiences you were hoping to find there. So don’t forget to pause and look around you every once in a while. Ground yourself in the present and make memories. Have a great time!

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