New Heart of Texas Advances Pro-Life Cause, March 30, 2023 at TotalEnergies Tower, Houston 

The international pro-life movement gets a boost with the New Heart of Texas Ministries’ continued push into 2023 to save innocent women from the pain and hurt caused by the life-negating dogma of the radical Left.

Founded ten years ago by the Katy- and Houston-based Mrs. Mary Lee Mason, who is herself a survivor of the abortion paradigm, the New Heart of Texas Ministries is today stronger than ever and a new member of the Katy Christian Chamber of Commerce. 

The New Heart of Texas has acquired a full-fledged campus for abortion healing in the countryside northwest of metropolitan Houston and brings victims into a supportive and conducive self-discovery process at absolutely no charge at all. The New Heart of Texas is a volunteer organization and Mason and her staff are unsalaried. Many staff members are homemakers and some hold full-time jobs elsewhere in the Houston regional area. 

The nationally-syndicated Rachel’s Vineyard camps held about eight times a year by the New Heart of Texas will lead abortion survivors through an extended weekend of support, guidance, and sharing. These Thursday–Saturday or Friday–Sunday sets are each capped at a maximum of eleven participants, so that every individual is genuinely tended to, and brought in a heart-centered and pragmatic way through the emotional and psychological recovery process. 

The Rachel’s Vineyard curriculum was created by Catholic pro-life activist Dr. Theresa Karminski Burke, PhD (Counseling Psychology), an alumna of the Immaculata University in southeast Pennsylvania. Dr. Theresa’s teachings have shaped the New Heart of Texas Ministries, the latter of which has also transformed into an interdenominational organization that brings Protestant, Catholic, evangelical, and other Christians into the community of pro-life support here in Texas.

The Radical Left Has Wrought Terror Upon The Nation’s Youth

The New Heart of Texas is distressed that “many people use abortion as a form of birth control,” says Tracy Reynolds, a New Heart of Texas volunteer who is helping to organize the March Masquerade Gala for the abortion recovery and PTSD ministries. 

“Women who undergo multiple abortions and believe in such a procedure actually numb themselves to it, and the way the body is made to go through such things is simply horrible,” Reynolds explains, “and doctors have put these innocent women through greater likelihoods of miscarriages.” 

Reynolds describes the terror that the radical Left has been creating for Texans today: chemical abortions. All across America, girls and women are finding out the hard way in the privacy of their own houses that the abortion pills, championed by leftist universities and left-wing politicians, terminate womb life like a slasher film. “The pills are taken first to dislodge the child,” she details, “and then more is taken so as to expel the child.” It is the termination of womb life, beyond the shadow of a doubt. 

The New Heart of Texas was established back in March of 2013 and founded on the Ezekiel scripture (chapter 36, verse 26) where God the Father told the nation of Israel that He wanted to turn Israel’s heart from “a heart of stone” to “a heart of flesh,” so that Israel might have a “new heart” and a “new spirit.” Earlier, God the Father was reprimanding Israel for having “devoured men” in foreign wars and murdered children in the nation of Israel and other nations. 

Today, unjust war has extended into every home and household, where future mothers are told their womanhood is to be secured through the destruction of it. Recreational abortion, also known as elective abortion is being treated with blasé attitudes and celebrated as a victory for women’s rights–even when such a victory actually abuses women and condemns their human rights.

Tracy Reynolds explains that abortion is anti-conscience, “and deeply traumatizing for the women that come to us,” and the New Heart of Texas aims to keep on serving in order to stop the systemic abuse of women currently unfolding in many states across America. 

The New Heart of Texas Helps In Other Areas Too

The New Heart of Texas programs have welcomed thousands of people and healed men as well. Soldiers who return from injustice in the battlefield suffer from PTSD and the volunteers see it as a Duty to Heal these men before they become permanently broken. The Duty to Heal program began in August of 2021 and four camps have been held so far. Duty to Heal, like Rachel’s Vineyard, is offered free of charge to participants. 

The New Heart of Texas programs have helped rape victims regain their stolen personhoods and become affirmed in who they have always been. Rape victims are victims of vicious, criminal men. Back home, many victims do not relate well with their husbands or brothers anymore, because of a fundamental loss of trust toward men in general. Marriages on the verge of collapse because of the loss of trust have been revived because of the New Heart of Texas’ focus on getting wives and husbands to convene closely on these hurts and tackle them together in an open and supportive setting.

The Rachel’s Vineyard program is often concluded at the New Heart of Texas with a memorial service for the child so that a sense of closure and forgiveness can enter into the hearts of mothers and fathers. Women and men who had chosen abortion as a path in the past can write new chapters in their walk with God. “You are here to heal, you are loved, you are forgiven by God,” Tracy Reynolds explains, “and here everybody understands the energy.” The program begins with the participant who is “most ready” to share, and before long, everyone “opens up” and begins a new discovery of who they are in their future with God.

The New Heart of Texas campus is home to three buildings where camp participants get to stay onsite and remain immersed in uninterrupted healing throughout the length of the program. Couples accommodation is available as well as rooms for women friends who support each other. Volunteers remain onsite too, and visiting therapists, counselors, and pastors are given stipends. To improve financial sustainability, pay property taxation and other dues, and develop existing programs and keep them free, the New Heart of Texas is organizing a March Masquerade Gala at a downtown Houston location. 

On March 30, 2023, the New Heart of Texas Masquerade Gala will take place at the Petroleum Club of Houston on the top floor (35th) of the TotalEnergies Tower (also known as the Total Plaza), where non-Members can get a unique view of the Houston skyline while learning about New Heart of Texas programs and how to help. Situated in the central business district right next to the iconic spindletop of the Hyatt Regency Houston, the TotalEnergies Tower is easily accessible at 1201 Louisiana Street. This annual event has important sponsors but needs all the help it can get so as to further the cause of the pro-life movement. Donors include Merle Norman Cosmetics Inc., Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. (Outback Steakhouse), Hepplewhite Farms LLC, inSPIRE Rock Indoor Climbing and Team Building Center, and Hebert’s Specialty Meats Franchise Systems Inc. among others. The New Heart of Texas gala will start at 6pm, and registration is open at the official New Heart of Texas website

Follow the New Heart of Texas at and tweet your views on Twitter with the hashtag #prolife

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