LGBTQ+ Democrat Mayor of College Park Arrested for Distribution of Child Pornography at Mayoral Campaign Headquarters

LGBTQ+ Democrat Mayor of College Park Arrested for Distribution of Child Pornography at Mayoral Campaign Headquarters

Patrick Lewis Wojahn (Democrat), born August 23, 1975, and mayor of the City of College Park since December 2015 is being held by police for having stored and distributed pornographic videos and photographic content, which feature underage boys, and betraying the public trust by conducting these insidious activities using his registered home and Campaign Headquarters in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and his official City Council email address.

An LGBTQ+ practitioner, Wojahn is “married” to David Kolesar since their nuptials in 2005, having first met at a gay club. Kolesar – whom Wojahn refers to as his “husband” – was also Treasurer for the Patrick Wojahn mayoral campaign. The men have claimed to be living together the past fifteen years at a US$380,000 double-story one-family residential house along Lackawanna Street, which Wojahn also used as his campaign headquarters while running for the position of City Mayor.

Prince George’s County Police have discovered that it is likely Wojahn distributed sexually abusive pornographic material from this house on Lackawanna Street.

Maryland Counties Near D.C. Becoming A Haven for Societal Disarray

The City of College Park is in Prince George’s County and functions as a de facto northeastern suburb of Washington, D.C. in the state of Maryland. Home to over one million people, Prince George’s County is just south of Maryland’s Montgomery County, where lewd and confusing LGBTQ+ books have been highly recommended by public school officials at the county level.

College Park is home to the prestigious University of Maryland (the flagship campus) – hence the name College Park. Despite one million residents, Prince George’s County Police only has a small force of about 1,400 police officers, which explains why Patrick Wojahn was able to get away with his crimes before he accidentally allowed himself to get caught online.

His technological misstep occurred recently when he decided to save his City Council email address as a backup address on a messaging app widely popular with teenagers and pretend-teenagers. Wojahn likely feared forgetting his password to the app – considering how he might have had to remember many passwords in his official role as Mayor of the City of College Park. To ensure he could always procure, enjoy, and share underage pornographic content, Wojahn made the fascinating error of registering his City Council email on the app – and logging on frequently with a username that has the initials for Maryland in it (“md”).

College Park Picked Wojahn Multiple Times and Turned Down Republicans

Patrick Wojahn was confirmed as Mayor again after the College Park City Council elections on November 7, 2021. Prior to this, his two-year term in 2020 and 2021 was won in a November 2019 election, defeating a bold Christian Republican who was lambasted by press outlets as a fascist for her ideas on traditional marriage.

Lalzarliani Malsawma, a Christian Mizoram Indian-Burmese Republican was treated as a backward and intolerant subhuman individual by members of civic associations and media organizations in the run-up to the 2019 elections. On the other hand, Democrat Mayor Patrick Wojahn maintained his clever marketing, including his stated wish “to help transform (the) city (of College Park) into a top-tier college town” – presumably one that subjects underage boys anywhere in the world to a top-notch defilement of their God-given privacy.

The nine-member City Council in College Park is headquartered a mere eight miles from the White House. Wojahn is charged with sixteen counts of graphical child pornography distribution featuring underage boys. In accordance with principles of pretrial justice and the provisions of the United States Constitution, Wojahn is granted a bail hearing subsequent to his arrest – where he may be regarded as a non-threat to the community and released on bail. Wojahn is relying on what he claims are mental health issues.

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