Duran’s Roofing & Remodeling: 40 Years of Service with Integrity

Robert Duran of Duran’s Roofing & Remodeling has been in the business nearly 40 years, and he says it’s his integrity that keeps customers coming back.

“The way I am as a person,” he says, “is persistent, no matter what happens. We honor what we do. Our warranties are excellent, but remember that warranties are only as good as the person standing behind them. At my company, we stand behind them, 100 percent.”

Duran has many years of experience behind him to make him an authority in the field. As a young man, he worked at a lumberyard. At 27 years old, he took a leap of faith and began a handyman business, relying on his wife, a hair stylist, to pay the bills while he secured clients. It was 1984 during a recession, and Duran and his wife believed if they could make a go of it in those conditions, they would survive the long haul.

Almost 40 years later, Duran has done just that. When he entered the roofing business, it was because there was only one roofer in all of Rosenberg, and he capitalized on the need. He says working with his hands is in his blood – his grandfather was a carpenter, and it was all Duran ever wanted to do. He started with small projects. He hired experts when he was unsure of something, watched and learned from them, and eventually learned just about everything by doing it himself.

Today, most of his calls are for roofing, followed by kitchen and bath remodels. He also gets calls for fencing, for painting – virtually anything having to do with home repair and maintenance. Like everyone else, he’s been challenged by supply chain issues and lack of employees. “We are seeing windows and doors taking 20-30 weeks to arrive, and certain color roofs? Forget it,” he says. “Supplies are more expensive and work crews are smaller, but we are all having this challenge, and you just have to have faith.”

Duran says he concentrates on working day by day, trying to better himself and his crew, and always trusting God to know what He’s doing. “We try not to overextend,” he says. “We live within our means.”

Because of his expertise as a jack-of-all-trades, Duran keeps busy. His greatest selling point, in his opinion, is his knowledge gained over decades in the business. “Being that I started this business on my own, I learned right and wrong along the way. Nowadays, I’m seeing this new generation of contractors coming out who have no concept of how a roof is installed. They are salespeople who never learned the trade. I know immediately when something is right or wrong with installations, and I know how to correct it.”

Now Duran’s son, who has grown up in the business, has become a key player in its growth and in its future. Duran says, “It’s obvious we’re not going anywhere. I built this business from the ground up, and now my son will help me help our clients to realize their dreams for their homes.”

For a free estimate for any repairs to your home, call (281) 342-4436 or visit the website at www.duransroofingremodelingtx.com/.

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