Fort Bend County Hosts School Safety Joint Press Conference with Reps. Jacey Jetton and Ron Reynolds and County Sheriff Eric Fagan 

Fort Bend County Hosts School Safety Joint Press Conference with Reps. Jacey Jetton and Ron Reynolds and County Sheriff Eric Fagan 

Many grade-school students in Fort Bend County, TX enjoy their second weekend of the new school year, shedding their backpacks on the kitchen table and running out back to play with the family dog. 

Childhood is innocence. It’s climbing up trees you can’t get back down; it’s scraping your knees from turning too quickly on your bike. Children are pure and have a limited ability to protect themselves from the world’s darkness. On a microlevel, parents must shield their kids from harm. 

Yet in the past millennium, our society has morphed into something new. Parents can no longer protect their children alone. Youth are sent away from parents and into schools, where lawmakers, officers and faculty are responsible for keeping them safe.

In light of May’s Uvalde school shooting, where 19 students and 2 teachers were tragically gunned down and lost their lives, some wonder if school systems and legislation can actually keep their children safe. Others fear that increased restrictions on gun possession will have the opposite effect, stripping Americans of their birthright to defend themselves and their families from harm.

Regardless of your stance on these issues, it’s essential for parents to keep informed on shifts in academic and legislative policies in our local realm. When people don’t participate in politics, the world changes without their input. 

The following is a recap from a press release from a recent school safety press conference with Reps. Jacey Jetton and Ron Reynolds, and Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan, among other important officials. 


FORT BEND COUNTY, TX – Eight days before school begins for many Fort Bend families, law enforcement officers, school district leaders, elected officials, and community leaders spoke at a joint press conference to share the updated school safety plan for the coming school year. Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan, Representative Ron Reynolds (Texas House District 27), and Representative Jacey Jetton (Texas House District 26) led in briefing the media on increased security and innovative measures to ensure the safety of Fort Bend schools. The full press conference is now available on YouTube

 “All the school safety policies and procedures in the world are not helpful if there is no follow-through,” stated Jetton. “Our state, school, and local law enforcement leadership are working together to ensure our school safety policies are robust and fully implemented. As a community, we have a responsibility to be vigilant in recognizing potential threats and ensure we are reporting concerns to authorities. We must also recognize and stand up for those around us who are in need.” 

 Law enforcement officials provided updates on the improved methods used to assess and eliminate active-shooter threats and incidents, including improvements to mental health resources. School leaders, and Representatives Reynolds and Jetton spoke on school safety funding, security policies, and incident response procedures. Superintendent Dr. Roosevelt Nivens of Lamar Consolidated Independent School District expounded, “My plea is to not forget school safety tomorrow; let’s make sure school safety is the first thing on our minds every day.”  Superintendent Dr. Robert Bostic of Stafford Municipal School District stated the importance of school safety, “To us, school security is our first priority, not our second”.

Sheriff Fagan stated, “Law enforcement agencies are working together to protect the most precious possession in our state – our children.” The briefing demonstrated the ongoing and increased commitment to school safety in Fort Bend County, ahead of the new school year.”

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