Fighting A Vaccination Requirement from your Company

This is not an article on whether you should get vaccinated or not. That is a decision you should make in consultation with all available information and your doctor. Informed consent is how medical decisions should be made. 

This article will very simply help you navigate your options if you choose not to get vaccinated and are being forced to by your company. Following these steps will put you in the best possible position if you are being forced to get a vaccination by your employer.

Some important facts to consider:

  1. The only vaccine specifically approved by the FDA beyond Emergency Use Authorization is the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, which is marketed as Comirnaty (koe-mir’-na-tee). It is approved for individuals 16 years of age and older. Emergency Use Authorized drugs are experimental in nature and can be dangerous. 
  2. The Federal Government has never required a nationwide vaccine for adults. Using business to push this mandate is unprecedented!
  3. Government is very willing to take your rights away, especially if you willingly give them up. What is happening in Australia is a great example of where this is headed unless freedom loving individuals take a stand. 

Here are steps to follow to fight a vaccine mandate from your company:

  1. Any communication you have with anyone around this issue, including your direct supervisor, should be written not verbal. If they refuse to communicate in writing continue to only communicate in writing. Be sure and print off or forward all correspondence to an offsite email address as soon as you receive something from someone. 

2. Find a lawyer who supports individual liberty and limited government. When looking for a lawyer in our adversarial justice system you want to find a “pit bull,” someone willing to fight for you and your rights. 

3. HIPAA Laws give you right to privacy regarding medical conditions and questions. So does the Constitution. You are not required to respond to questions about your health. Remember, everything in writing!

4. Companies with over 100 employees will have very specific steps to follow in these situations. They also likely have a bureaucratic structure. Use this to your advantage. Human Resources (HR) should be the group interacting with you on this issue. They are more aware of the legal implications of their words and actions.

5. Request a religious exemption if you are comfortable with that. Most religions have a doctrine of personal responsibility and personal agency. The government in most religions is subservient to God. This mandate is clearly government playing God. If required, find a faith community that will give you something in writing. Ultimately though that is not normally required for a religious exemption to vaccinations.

6. Request a health exemption. Adverse reactions to this vaccine can be significant. Most of the Covid vaccines are still under Emergency Use Authorization drugs. These are not FDA approved, only the Comirnaty brand is approved (and even then, it has been a highly unusual process). 

7. Request and have an ongoing written discussion about the company assuming liability for adverse impacts to you from their required vaccination. If they are going to require this as a condition of work, it is reasonable that they should assume liability for any health impacts from the vaccination.

8. Do not resign. Require them to fire you in writing. Resigning significantly impacts your future legal rights around their vaccine policy. It also impacts your right to unemployment income.

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