How to lead in the Now

Hey you great leader,

You know what, whether it seems like it or not…

God is good….

God is Still in control…

God is up to something that the human mind cannot figure out!!!!


Of course, being in the world and leading people especially

in The NOW world can be overwhelming, stressful, and


You know pandemic, political upheaval, job, and income loss, and civil unrest has caused

many leaders to

Backup, Burnout, and Breakdown….

In 2020 alone for every *100,000 US citizens, at least 15,000 committed suicide…

And did you know that for every Leader in (business, ministry, mainstream) that committed suicide,

the rate of suicide rose 43% from copycat suicides (using the same method)???

The struggle is real….

Some people just don’t know WHAT TO DO!!!!

The Answers are NOT found in the government… (blind leading the blind)

The Answers aren’t found in porn, alcohol, drugs, or cheap adulterous sex!!!

But Real Answers and Wisdom can only be found in God!!!

I’ve been able to help great leaders just like you…

that may know what they are supposed to do in business,

and maybe even know what they are supposed to do in ministry or life…


in this NOW NORMAL, things just aren’t the same anymore…

For some it has become harder to lead and live at the same time… often times

the greater the purpose and call, the harder the struggle can be from the inside out…

Here’s what one leader messaged just last week,

“Dr. Ruth you spoke to me about my business and shared with me about not backing down because of the adversity that was about to come my way. And thanks to your words of encouragement, tips on handling adversity in the Now, and warning I was prepared to handle the situation with grace, peace, and tack. I smiled at the individual and knew for assurance that I was walking in the right lane. Things like that would’ve taken me out in the past but applying what you taught me was a game-changer. I know that I have the victory!” -Susie Storm

If you’re feeling the weight of our New World and like your ability to lead to the fullest

is being hindered it may be because you are experiencing the same adversity.

If you feel as if you have more to give but just can’t seem to execute your vision in this Now New Normal, you are not by yourself. There are many that are in the same boat as you.

And, NO, that doesn’t make your problem go away,,,

But it does let you know that there are many other Leaders out there just like you that need a Breakthrough before they completely Burnout and Breakdown!!!

And that is why I’m offering my proprietary program, Live and Lead Well Without Burnout: A 90 Day Empowerment Experience.

The testimony you read is from someone who has already experienced what it is to go through my sessions and get real results fast.

I am convinced that God needs you to live so that you can lead with greater impact and influence than ever before. Because of our current societal climate Leaders that follow Christ are being face with insurmountable levels of pressure and distress like never before. And God wants you to be empowered to handle this New Normal Climate by helping you to live and lead effectively.

If you are serious and determined to push past yesterday’s leadership methods that will not work in today’s world of isms, schisms, chaos, and division and move into a new way of presenting leadership without compromising your character then I would love for you to join me for this life-changing experience. You can reach out to me via email me at and let me know you’re interested.

I am excited about your NOW and your future!!!

*Now that’s a Hot Cup of tRuth w/ Dr.Ruth

PS- Remember that God has chosen you to lead and be a beacon life of hope in a dark and hopeless world but the tools of yesterday won’t work and will burn you out.

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Ruth Charles

Ruth Charles is a growth and identity coach that helps business and Christian ministry leaders to recover, discover, and uncover their true God-given identity and purpose for living. She’s like the best friend to the forgotten about lonely leader.