Katy Christian Ministries Needs Your Support

Deysi Crespo, the Executive Director of Katy Christian Ministries, along with a talented group consisting of a Board of Directors, staff, church and community partners, and an army of volunteers, are working miracles within our community. 

Katy Christian Ministries (KCM) serves families residing in 12 zip codes within KISD boundaries, encompassing three counties: Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller. “Our focus,” said Crespo, “is to restore families utilizing a strengths-based approach and provide the tools necessary for resiliency and ultimately self-sufficiency. For decades, KCM has demonstrated the ability to provide resources, case management, and professional counseling. While the professional counseling is strictly for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, it is my vision to offer free therapy services to individuals who are experiencing other related mental health issues such as depression.”

Katy Christian Ministries was founded in 1984 when nine churches came together with a vision of serving local families going through economic hardship due to the downturn in the economy. Decades later, despite an improved economy, the continued population growth led to an increase in basic needs. Crespo said, “There are a lot of needs that families in our own backyards are facing; these needs affect their health, social, emotional and spiritual well-being. Now, with COVID-19, families are struggling to make ends meet due to various contributing factors such as loss of employment, reduced income, and unforeseen medical care expenses – to name only a few.

Families are indeed going through crises in their lives and find themselves with little to no hope. In the midst of all adversities that the community is facing, KCM is demonstrating Christ’s love for his children, regardless of their situation. 

But they need our help. The KCM Capital Campaign strives to meet the desperate need for KCM to purchase their own property and building so they can focus their efforts on giving back rather than paying rent every month. The space is sorely needed in order to facilitate the programs needed within the community. The Capital Campaign goal is to raise $305,000 for the down payment. They are currently at $155,000 and are asking for donations to reach their goal.

The number of families assisted increases year after year. From January to October 2020, the Crisis Center has assisted 1,078 victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, an increase of 78 since just a year before. The Food Pantry increase in food assistance skyrocketed in 2020. From January to October, 13,431 households were served, compared to 5,152 in 2019. Likewise, Social Services has exceeded the number of families served this year compared to 2019. In the same timeframe, 14,973 families have received financial assistance totaling $720,730.  

The need is certainly clear and KCM has proven its longevity and commitment to it. “Our mission is ‘Transforming lives through God’s grace and the generosity of the community,’explained Crespo. “It is with this in mind that I speak with certainty that we could not do our labor of love alone. We definitely need the continued support from our loving community to be able to make a greater impact, together. We have been blessed tremendously for the last 36 years with an array of support through prayer, volunteerism, in-kind donations of all kinds, and monetary support to keep our mission going. The generous monetary contributions allow KCM to be able to assist with the sustainability of our programs.

Our programs are aligned to address food insecurity by our Food Pantry; alleviate poverty by addressing basic needs and other social determinants of health by our Social Services; provide short and long-term crisis interventions for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse by our Crisis Center team; and equip homes through vouchers for furniture, clothing and household items by our Resale Stores.

Clients include new business owners needing advice and resources to make the business a success and support their family, clients with disabilities trying to work to support themselves, and veterans needing assistance with basic needs, such as rent. Your donation will provide the programs needed to serve this wide range of needs.

Aside from monetary donations, you can get connected to KCM through their volunteer program; their Resale Stores, where 90 cents on the dollar is invested directly into the programs; and the Social Services Department, which is currently in need of fleece throw blankets for the homeless population. Gift cards of any kind and amount are also welcomed to incentivize participants of their Family Independence through the Resiliency and Self-Sufficiency program (FIRST). The FIRST program is only one of the 24 subprograms offered by the organization. 

You can donate towards the capital campaign at the link provided here or make a check payable to Katy Christian Ministries with a note in Memo- Capital Campaign. ktcm.org/capital-campaign/

To start your process of becoming a volunteer, please fill out the application at ktcm.org/volunteer/. You will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator and receive an invitation for the Volunteer Orientation.

To learn more about the Resale Store, visit: ktcm.org/resale/ New in 2020 was the implementation of the KCM Online Resale Store! Shop from the comfort of your home at www.kcmresale.com/

You can make a one-time monetary contribution of any amount, become a Champion for Change by giving monthly, or set your calendar to give one time per year or however your budget allows. Your generosity will go a long way to help more families in our community. Donate online at ktcm.org/donate/

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