Pray Before Going Ahead With or Backing Out of Holiday Plans!

Because of the pandemic, people are reconsidering whether or not to

go ahead with plans to physically gather with loved ones this Thanksgiving

and Christmas Season. We know that with God all things are possible. God

is well able to go before us and our loved ones and protect each of us from

coronavirus, the flu, pneumonia, all other hurt, harm, and danger even as

we would gather. It is, however, foolish to assume of God without praying

to Him first and seeking His will in each situation. Sometimes God will

orchestrate situations as an opportunity for us to exercise our faith and trust

in Him. (Sometimes) what appears to be a “No! Don’t do it! It’s not safe!”

scenario is actually a “Yes! Trust me! I’m God!” situation. Always pray first!

Never assume! For example, this past Father’s Day, I was invited by my

cousin to honor his elderly father who is a retired pastor.

The gathering was at a restaurant. Because of the pandemic,

I was hesitant. I then began to pray. I prayed the Psalm 91:10-11 Scriptures that

you see above over the gathering. So, I went! When we got to the restaurant, to

my surprise, not many people were there. Of all the tables we could have been

placed at, the host seated us at Table #91. None of us realized the table number

we were seated at until after we sat down. When I saw the Table #91, I knew that

Almighty God was confirming to me that He had heard the Psalm 91:10-11 prayer

I had prayed to Him in the car with my cousins in route to the restaurant. To God

Be The Glory! Pray first, though! Seek His will and direction.

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