Why Reddy? Why Now?

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The congressional race for the U.S. House in District 22 is not just a local election but a contest for the heart and soul of the country. Democrats came close to winning this reliably Republican seat during the last cycle. They relied on changing demographics, adding new voters, and their usual tactics of calling conservatives racists, anti-immigrants, supporting only the rich, and against women and minorities. They were able to carefully capitalize on the lack of diversity in the Republican party and apply unfair labels.

This time, they are ready to do the same. With the DNC machinery and liberal media at their disposal they are going all out to win this election.

We cannot take a knife to a gun fight! We can’t squeak by this time or worse yet lose!

We have to a have a candidate who can increase the base of the Republican party in the general election.

There is only one candidate who can do that among the crowded pack of primary contenders – that is Bangar Reddy Aaloori.

You see, Reddy is not a career politician. He just loves America. He loves the Constitution. He loves the good and decent people here. He knows the country was founded by people who had deep faith in God. He hates to see the other party claim a monopoly on immigrants, minorities, and compassion. He is running to change that by making sure the promise of conservative policies reaches all Americans.

He can connect with people at all levels.

Reddy grew up in a working-class agricultural family in India. He knew what it was like to be poor – dirt poor. He knew what it was like to have poor access to health care. He knows what it is like to have to work during school and still have trouble meeting your ends. He also saw the failure of big governmental policies to solve those problems. He personally saw those socialistic programs filled inefficiency and corruption and stifling individual effort.

He credits his success to faith in God, a hard work ethic endowed by his parents, and the generosity of the American people who took him in as a legal immigrant.

He has been a Sugar Land resident for 25 years. Educated with a master’s degree in the IT sector, he started his own business here. Later, he joined a larger company with many senior leadership responsibilities. From the beginning, he was involved in many community service volunteer projects including leadership roles in the Hurricane Ike and Harvey disasters. He has been involved in charity programs for battered women, for poor and destitute persons, and for the homeless.

Reddy says the reason to be conservative is that, “conservative policies bring more prosperity to more persons than any other form of government. They bring out the best in everyone rather than reducing the country to lowest common denominator.”

We see no better candidate to articulate the message of conservatism during this election than Bangar Reddy Aaloori whose life story shows the way.

1. Reddy believes in free markets, competition, and incentive for ingenuity and entrepreneurship — the American way. He is for lower taxes and less regulation to let the private sector blossom and employment increase. Will the Democrats who tout Socialism be able to call Reddy anti rich? How can they with his background of personal poverty?

2. Reddy believes in a strong border including a wall and technological surveillance and eschews illegal immigration. Who best to communicate this to the general voters than Reddy himself an immigrant? The Democrats cannot call him anti immigrant! Clearly he can relate to all the other legal immigrants who had to follow the rule of law with patience. He also can show how the illegal trafficking of drugs and contraband is there with porous borders.

3. Reddy is a strong supporter of the pro-life movement. He has deep friends in both Christian circles and those of Eastern religions and is able to show that the sanctity of life is respected at all ages by most human beings of all backgrounds. The Democrats will not be able to claim that the view that life beginning at conception is a far right radical view.

4. Reddy, a family man and father of two daughters cherishes the importance of the traditional two parent family. He is able to point out to new minority and immigrant voters who take this for granted that they are being destroyed by the liberal and secular policy makers.

5. Reddy is against government takeover of the health care system. He advocates more competition in the insurance market including crossing state lines and more flexibility in deciding on how much coverage to buy. He does not want the government rationing health care. He can give personal testimony for which other new voters can relate on how scary it is to be admitted to a government hospital in the developing or developed world.

6. Reddy believes in a strong national defense and is not afraid to point out the need to target those with fanatical beliefs who will terrorize the country. He easily undercuts the liberals’ arguments who say it is discriminatory to have critical vetting processes.

7. Reddy is a gun owner, defends the second amendment, and a role model to new Americans who may have never had the opportunity to have weapons for self defense in their homelands. He is encouraging more new Americans to take full advantage of this fundamental right.

8. Reddy believes in strengthening education through school choice and creating safer neighborhoods rather than race based quota programs. He easily points out to minorities how they are being treated as vote banks and pawns by the other party.

9. Reddy believes in the free expression of religion. He says the founding fathers laid a framework for freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. In his own experience he has seen a plurality of different religious leaders giving benedictions at national events. He wants to see God be front and center of the national life.

All in all, Reddy is the right choice and this right time to stop the Democrats in their tracks. By electing a candidate like Reddy, we can attract more folks to support the Republican party, give confidence to more minorities to join the party or run for its offices, and we can communicate with them that the whole reason they cherish America is because of her conservative heritage.

Reddy lives and breathes this philosophy and is spreading the message to many new voters.

Let’s join him now before its too late. If the Democrats win the house again and keep attracting minorities, the Republicans will be the permanent minority party in the country. To win again, they will resort to compromising their principles and then the effort is lost. Lets not take that risk. We encourage you all to vote for Bangar Reddy Aaloori for US Congress in the upcoming Republican primary. Our country depends on this.

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